Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thrifty jewellery finds and a selection of my favourite earrings

Brooch < $1 at Oamaru Victorian Market

This amazing red brooch appears to be made from a button,
dressmakers' pins, pearl and red beads and sequins.
White three strand glass bead necklace

Close-up of clasp
Although I already have a white bead necklace,
but when I saw this one on Trademe in the $1 auctions
I had to put in bid - and I won!  

1970s lovers necklace
This necklace was also won in a $1 auction.  It was described as a 1970s lovers necklace,
however, I can't help thinking that it looks a little like...
........Barbie and Ken!!!!

Kissing cousins necklace
 This was my first lovers purchase 
- its the real deal in terms of age - 
and to my delight when I bought it, Karen Walker (I think) had just released a jewellery line which included a modern interpretation of this image.  At a much higher price too.  
I have also seen modern "knock-offs" of this design at Diva or Equip.  
But I like mine as it is quite small and the figures are so cute.

Flares and 'Fro lovers necklace
 When I bought this recently, my colleague commented that she used to have one when she was a young girl, we had a long talk about 1970s nostalgia as a result. 

Some of my fave earrings
 Left: Moonstone bead earrings from Java, 
Centre: resin earrings made by 'Kismet' based on vintage illustrations from children's books.  Artist Susan Broad also makes kimono earrings and rings, and is an accomplished textile artist.  I met her at the Dunedin Craft Fair last year.
Right: enamelled heart and arrow earrings from Cosmic Corner

More favourite earrings 
Left to Right: knock off Vivienne Westwood earrings in the classic orb shape 
purchased on Trademe $5;
Copper and crystal earrings by Raewyn Auckram, at the Oamaru Victorian market $5;
Reproduction Egyptian cat earrings bought at the Tutenkhamun Exhibition when I visited Melbourne in August;
Slightly obscured between the orbs and copper are some bead earrings my lovely daughter made for me when she was at a holiday programme last year.


  1. I love the Kissing Cousins necklace & the beautiful brooch....a girl can never have too much jewellery.

  2. Kismet is good stuff.
    I like the fabric earrings especially.

  3. Brillian jewels - the kissing ones are awesome :o) Scarlett x


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