Thursday, November 24, 2011

Simplicity Sewing book - great fabrics

 I may have posted some of these before, but the fabrics in these pictures is so amazing I feel compelled to show again.  I have started collecting the Simplicity Sewing books, 
not just for the sewing techniques, but the awesome pics:
 In my youth - which seems like a long time ago - I hated orange.  Absolutely.  Totally.
Now, I see orange in a new light.  A bright light.  A "hey look at me" kind of light.
 Wow, stripes, polyester and big jewellry.  Awesome :)

 Look at the size of the bow on the dress on the left - Helga and Desiree would love it!
 I am a little unsure about the brown fur.  What do you think??
The dress on the left reminds me of 1950s and the one on the right the 1960s -
 Love the contrasting fabric and buttons on this dress (right), the pockets are cool too, kind of like a kangaroo pouch!

 I have a lovely dress with a scalloped neckline and sleeves 
- it is feminine without being prissy. 
 I can find copies of Stitchcraft magazine at almost any op shop -
it must have been very popular in it's day.  Look at the crochet dress (above).
I wonder if it stretches?  I find crochet can be quite heavy.

The mannequins in the shop window behind the model in blue below really
caught my eye.
 There are cute things this cat cartoon...
 ...and this one about a ball of wool....
 and this gorgeous bambi motif to copy!
 Maybe the man in my life would like a cricket sweater?
 Have you ever made something for a friend or family member?
Do you have naughty thoughts about making an outfit like the one below
and giving to someone who needs to spice up their wardrobe??
Hope you are all having a lovely Friday.


  1. I have a query for you. Is the Bargain Barn the same place as Restore which you often speak of? And is it any good? I heard rumours of 50c bags....

  2. Those clothes are incredible, I could spend ages pouring over those mags. x


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