Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fashion Icon Friday

This is the last of my brief series called Fashion Icon Friday. 
 I am a fan of David Lynch and Twin Peaks.  
In hindsight, I think it had quite a profound influence on me -
the eerie music, the shocking images of laura Palme,
the small town hiding a big secret

The female characters I have chosen look like "good girls", 
maybe even sweet and innocent, but all those who have seen this iconic series and the films know that underneath the smooth exterior lurks something much darker and dangerous. 

Thrifty jewellery finds and a selection of my favourite earrings

Brooch < $1 at Oamaru Victorian Market

This amazing red brooch appears to be made from a button,
dressmakers' pins, pearl and red beads and sequins.
White three strand glass bead necklace

Close-up of clasp
Although I already have a white bead necklace,
but when I saw this one on Trademe in the $1 auctions
I had to put in bid - and I won!  

1970s lovers necklace
This necklace was also won in a $1 auction.  It was described as a 1970s lovers necklace,
however, I can't help thinking that it looks a little like...
........Barbie and Ken!!!!

Kissing cousins necklace
 This was my first lovers purchase 
- its the real deal in terms of age - 
and to my delight when I bought it, Karen Walker (I think) had just released a jewellery line which included a modern interpretation of this image.  At a much higher price too.  
I have also seen modern "knock-offs" of this design at Diva or Equip.  
But I like mine as it is quite small and the figures are so cute.

Flares and 'Fro lovers necklace
 When I bought this recently, my colleague commented that she used to have one when she was a young girl, we had a long talk about 1970s nostalgia as a result. 

Some of my fave earrings
 Left: Moonstone bead earrings from Java, 
Centre: resin earrings made by 'Kismet' based on vintage illustrations from children's books.  Artist Susan Broad also makes kimono earrings and rings, and is an accomplished textile artist.  I met her at the Dunedin Craft Fair last year.
Right: enamelled heart and arrow earrings from Cosmic Corner

More favourite earrings 
Left to Right: knock off Vivienne Westwood earrings in the classic orb shape 
purchased on Trademe $5;
Copper and crystal earrings by Raewyn Auckram, at the Oamaru Victorian market $5;
Reproduction Egyptian cat earrings bought at the Tutenkhamun Exhibition when I visited Melbourne in August;
Slightly obscured between the orbs and copper are some bead earrings my lovely daughter made for me when she was at a holiday programme last year.

Let Yourself Sew...For your viewing pleasure

Its a little 'dog eared' but this $1 purchase from Trademe is a real treasure!
How to put a wardrobe together...
How to start thinking about colour
There is so much to love about these dresses!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Cool garden sculpture, Oamaru

 As my family and I wandered towards the historic precinct of Oamaru, 
we passed the most amazing garden.....
The first thing I saw was the cross and I wondered if it was a pet grave, 
as we walked past I saw the gravestone and the skulls and bones...

photo by Lucy Gray

....if you look at the house carefully, on right there is a huge insect and another just under the eaves on the left....what weird land were we passing through???

and then I spotted it.  It was huge and primitive.  Guardian of the graveyard....

photo by Lucy Gray
...a giant weta!

photo by Lucy Gray

When I popped back to the car after lunch to off load some purchases I could not resist the opportunity to take some photos.  I love seeing art and sculpture in gardens and in unusual places.  In New Zealand you can see giant butterflies on houses - usually Monarch butterflies.  Compared to the quaint English village where I grew up, it seemed kitsch and a bit odd.  When I bought my own house I thought about getting a giant butterfly installed but as my house faces the harbour and is battered by coastal winds I thought a butterfly would look a bit out of place.  Instead, I have a few unusual objects in my garden - one of my favourite is 
photo by Lucy Gray
my very own sphinx!

More gratuitous peony photos....

carefully grown in my garden Coral Charm 

 My pride and joy tree peony

Above and below, Peonies for sale at the Oamaru Victorian Fete

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Simplicity Sewing book - great fabrics

 I may have posted some of these before, but the fabrics in these pictures is so amazing I feel compelled to show again.  I have started collecting the Simplicity Sewing books, 
not just for the sewing techniques, but the awesome pics:
 In my youth - which seems like a long time ago - I hated orange.  Absolutely.  Totally.
Now, I see orange in a new light.  A bright light.  A "hey look at me" kind of light.
 Wow, stripes, polyester and big jewellry.  Awesome :)

 Look at the size of the bow on the dress on the left - Helga and Desiree would love it!
 I am a little unsure about the brown fur.  What do you think??
The dress on the left reminds me of 1950s and the one on the right the 1960s -
 Love the contrasting fabric and buttons on this dress (right), the pockets are cool too, kind of like a kangaroo pouch!

 I have a lovely dress with a scalloped neckline and sleeves 
- it is feminine without being prissy. 
 I can find copies of Stitchcraft magazine at almost any op shop -
it must have been very popular in it's day.  Look at the crochet dress (above).
I wonder if it stretches?  I find crochet can be quite heavy.

The mannequins in the shop window behind the model in blue below really
caught my eye.
 There are cute things this cat cartoon...
 ...and this one about a ball of wool....
 and this gorgeous bambi motif to copy!
 Maybe the man in my life would like a cricket sweater?
 Have you ever made something for a friend or family member?
Do you have naughty thoughts about making an outfit like the one below
and giving to someone who needs to spice up their wardrobe??
Hope you are all having a lovely Friday.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Confession: I bought a pair of shoes.....

I feel I must confess.  
I have wandered from the path of self-righteous thrifting and recycling.  
I have sinned in No 1 Shoes.  
I saw, I fell in love, I purchased and I have worn.  
I feel fab wearing these....

what do you think?

I just happened to innocently be looking at the No1 Shoes website....
honestly!.....and I saw these.....

Friday Fashion Icon... better late than never

A retrospective Fashion Icon Friday to DI Alex Drake - the timetravelling 1980's police detective from the wonderful tv show Ashes to Ashes.

 Love the big earrings and necklace
 A white leather jacket with red shirt and denim jeans
very much the patriotic detective
 Dressed up in fur and bling and look at the hair!!
 Alex looking very thoughtful - the shoulder pads and the polka dots are fab!

For more photos look at the unofficial Keely Hawes blog