Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fabulous Fashion Icon Friday (posted on Thursday night haha)

A few weeks back I pre-empted my plan for a Fashion Icon Friday.  I now the RWC is over I thought I would post some pics of two of my favorite characters from True Blood - Pam and Nan.

Isn't this pink outfit fantastic - I love this kind of in your face so bright you need glasses pink.

Oh my stars this outfit on Nan is amazing - the collar seems to imitate her fangs!  

Its not a great photo but this twinset is so demure, and Pam (in the tv version) is NOT demure.

Purple ruffles and a leather waistclinching corset.  

For the record, I have read all the Sookie Stackhouse books, and I prefer them to the TV programme.
My absolute favorite character in the tv show is Lafayette, but there are very few photos of him available which do justice to him.  

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  1. Pam is my favourite. I love that she dresses so ladylike sometimes but has such an attitude. I've read a couple of the books and I like the character of Sookie better in the books than the tv show. She's kind of annoying on the show.


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