Thursday, February 6, 2014

Happy Friday

Happy Friday!

To me, its not a real Friday, if there is no Frock on Friday post.  FOF has become an important ritual for me - a celebration of the end of the working week, a HURRAH for the weekend, a homage to thrifty fashion, a thumbs up to wearing a dress and a nose-snub to the idea of a "casual friday".

My cat appears to be on his way to becoming a minor internet sensation - he just can't keep away from the camera. He is all smoochy in a "I adore you when you scratch under my chin" kind of way, until he spies his beloved Alpha Male holding the camera.....

Does anyone actually believe in the adage that quality accessories make an outfit?  Well I don't.  I believe in matching or mis-matching my accessories any way I want to or feel like.  Here I am wearing a selection of bracelets and rings and earrings and a belt all of which cost less than $3 each with a three dollar dress.  Well the price matches.  

Last post I showed you a picture or two from the fabulous book "Fifteen".  I love the cartoons in this book so much I thought I would share some of them with you:

Don't forget readers, a cold suspicious look can wilt even the breeziest boy...and Friends like doing the same thing ...and at the same time.

The perils of fancy dress parties (who is that in the uniform??), the protocol for a Thank-you letter and the evils of chocolate and slothing on the couch with a cat on your butt are all described in detail., hair, beauty, exercise, social question is left unanswered, no topic is spared. 

 Everything from polishing vases to helping old ladies, to examining the shape of ones face and ones nose (and how to get rid of spots).

In my house, until relatively recently, the lady on the left would be considered an evil witch - because she is wearing a "wicked queen hat".  Malificent from Sleeping Beauty has a lot to answer for.  

Fifteen is hopelessly outdated in many respects (warnings about going outside with wet hair when you have your period) but has gorgeous cartoons and drawings.  There is an innocence about it which makes me feel a little sad, because when I have a 15yo she will be several years ahead of where I was at her age in terms of her knowledge and experience, and Fifteen will be over 50 years old. 


  1. Hello yellow!
    I also love the illustrations in your book. I'm collecting kitsch books, as well as all the other kitsch stuff I can't resist.

  2. Is that a candy bracelet? Looks like those licorice candies old lady try to give kids.

  3. What a fab colour combo although you're in danger of being upstaged by that beautiful sleek cat of yours! You look the picture of Summer in those colours and I'm insanely jealous!
    Love those illustrations. Magazines often used to warm of washing your hair when you were having a period, very odd, I wonder what they thought would happen! xxx

  4. Those cartoons are priceless. Some of the advice women used to read is hilarious! I do like your price-matched outfit, what a great concept and its so colourful!

  5. I love the illustrations! I wonder what the logic was behind not going outside with wet hair during your period....hummm....I love that outfit, its so bright and screams summer. Also how cool are the bracelets? Where DID you get that candy hearts one?

  6. First, you are a burst of sunshine in your yellow dress and yummy jewellery.
    The magazine bits were very funny. I've never heard the wet hair thing before. Curious. And at least now I know why I'm always in a muddle. I'm doing thing Wrong.

  7. Gorgeous bright yellow frock, love it. And an equally gorgeous cat!
    Love those illustrations; girls and women have been told what they should and shouldn't do for many, many years... xxx

  8. wow, those illustrations have some great hair styles :) Awesome belt BTW


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