Sunday, February 23, 2014

In a parallel universe there would be Myday

Hi everyone, 
I seem to be having temporal difficulties.  Yes, I have a problem with time - I don't have enough of it.  I do prioritise - eg I have a ranked list of blogs I like to read.  I do limit my time doing frivolous things - playing Candy Crush for example.  I put aside time for sewing and doing creative things  - I'll even show you the evidence.  But I still think I could do with another day in the week a day just for me.  I would call it myday and it would be after Sunday and before Monday.  

Myday would be like, all for me.  I know it sounds incredibly selfish but this is my blog and I want to be honest with you all.  For me, Myday activities could be changed depending on the weather - if it is sunny then gardening or taking photos, if its raining then several episodes of Game of Thrones or whatever.  Myday would never be cancelled or postponed, neither could it be replaced with a Public Holiday or a sick day.  Myday would not be exclusive to me, no, I am going to petition the political parties (there's an election this year) and request that Myday be inserted into the New Zealand calendar. 

Okay, enough fantasizing, time is of the essence so lets get going:

What did I wear today?  

Dress Made by Me from fabric from Tessuti in Melbourne.  It is digitally printed cotton and I made the effort to interline it.  Not some thing which I would normally do, but felt that the expensive fabric deserved extra special sewing skills and attention.  Worn with old, well loved and very comfortable red shoes.  The bracelets are a mixture of retail and thrifted, but the necklace is a thrifted find - one of my favourite colours and it sits just right too.

On Friday, I changed the mold a bit, and no frocks were worn.  Instead I wore an outrageously beautiful pink, yellow and gold embroidered sari type skirt.  It is lined with the heaviest red satin so only the top bit flares out.  It is very swirly and when I wear it I feel very girly.  

I don't really have a top to go with this skirt - well I do have a pink chiffon blouse top, but its the wrong shape. So I made do with a plain blue tee shirt and a purple leather belt - both from the Hospice Shop I think.  The arm junk is just that - retail, thrifted and found in the street.  I have no shame in picking up stuff off the pavement or from the gutter.  Trust me, if it was gold or diamonds I would hand in to the police, but a brass bangle - nope, it just fitted on my wrist so perfectly, it was meant to be mine.  

Okay, as I said, I am planning my time so you'd best come back here in a couple of days, because I am going to post again.  Really, instead of one mega post with heaps of stuff, I'm going to ration out the Penny-Rose style portfolio and all the stuff I do with my time (except my work which is not really blog-able).  

Bye for now, Penny-Rose xx 


  1. What gorgeous fabric and well done for interlining. You are an inspiration and I love the red shoes too. I couldn't agree more about Myday - quite a few people at my workplace work part-time and I'm quite envious.

  2. wow - can't believe that lovely fabric is digital. I actually thought it was embroidered. :)

  3. Oh yeah, I've got clothes in my wardrobe I've found in the street. I have no shame.
    Two fabulously colourful outfits! x

  4. Oh oh I need a day like that too.....snigger.
    Looking fantastic in both outfits........yay to arm candy.
    Hope you have a great week.
    Love v

  5. Love the dress you made, red and turquoise look so good together. And the colourful sari skirt is a beauty.
    Oh more time, more time, yes please. And more energy to go with it as well... xxxx

  6. Myday is such a great idea! I would also like a Myday but I think I would have it between Friday and Saturday to extend the weekend. Love your Friday outfit, it looks so swishy and fun!

  7. Yep time is passing by SO fast these days. Our 3 weeks up the coast went by in a flash. The only good thing is that means I'm closer to seeing you in NZ again. I love the colours of the first outfit. Hard to go wrong with turquoise. Loving the shoes & jewellery combo with the skirt too. I for one hope John Keys does something about Myday! Xx


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