Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A mixed bag and a genuine Mount Cook Line Cabin Bag

I am having some much needed time away from work this week - coinciding with the second week of the school holidays.  I have been experimenting with my hair....below, top left you can see my first ever effort at a proper bun!! Using one of Dear H's recently deceased clean black socks I made a sock bun.  Also I have been doing lots of reading...not the collection of Tennyson editions top right, but Cross stitch and Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon.    

 I have been amused by the antics of my big black cat - seen skulking in the pic bottom right - it took three attempts to get him in the cat carrier to go to the vets to get his claws clipped.  I bought this broken but lovely small planter at the Hospice Shop in Jetty Street in the weekend for $1.  It sits on the window sill above the sink.  The horse looks like it is smiling and every time I do the dishes I smile too.   

Yesterday after some shopping and lunch with Dear D, I had to go to work for a couple of hours - my minute taking skills are apparently so good that no-one else can do this mundane task.  She went to Iron Man 3 with her bestie and her Dad.  Anyway, I cheered myself by wearing a great combination of orange and teal:

Orange frill skirt Toffs $2
Orange cotton top Hospice $2
Glengyle cardigan Toffs $2
Belt and boots thrifted
Leggings and necklace retail
Mount Cook Line Cabin bag Toffs $2

As it happens I found a pristine travel cabin bag from Mount Cook Line which coordinates with this outfit perfectly.  It was $2 at Toffs.  

Today my Dear D went to a sport activity this afternoon so I managed a quick look around Toffs again, before heading to South Dunedin.  I found an amazing hand embroidered Indian skirt....but I spent so long in Toffs that I got a parking ticket :-(  

South Dunedin was dreary....wet and cold....but I needed to post a small parcel so took advantage of a 120 minute free car park (ensuring I would not get another ticket).  I called in to the Salvation Army store and was not inspired.  However, in the St Vincent de Paul shop I spied a purple gingham zip up house coat!! 

Polyester Gingham housecoat $4, St v de Pa
Indian hand embroidered skirt, $2 Toffs
Tomorrow I hope to take my trusty Husky in for a servicing, and the car needs a warrant of fitness.  Dear D is watching Snow White and Huntsman for the millionth time and a pot of pumpkin soup is bubbling on the stove.  Hope you are all having a great week!


  1. I'm so glad you've had an enjoyable week off work. Your bun looks lovely, & I LOVE the orange & teal outfit. That cardi is gorgeous, & the new bag is super funky. Paul loves those old airline bags. I'm always drawn to old house frocks too. Bummer about the parking ticket....that limited time outside of Toffs passes way too quickly! Xx

  2. Glad you've had a lovely break! Your stylish chignon looks lovely and the flight bag rocks! x

  3. The embroidered skirt is awesome!! I read the Outlander series too!!

  4. Ha, you are in demand at work then!
    Love the Indian skirt, and your turquoise/orange combination is fabulous.
    I didn't know about getting cats' claws clipped, I have never done that with mine. They wear them down enough scratching on the doors and the rugs, little buggers!
    Oh and I love the travel bag too. xxxx

  5. I love the fun orange skirt and the embroidered skirt is very cool

  6. Oh what a wonderful run down of your week......the Mt Cook bag is a gem and for $2 is a great find. Toffs has some wonderful finds.
    I love the turquoise and orange, so pretty.
    I can't wait to see what the gingham housecoat looks like on.
    Have a truly wonderful and ticket free weekend.
    love v

  7. That Mount Cook cabin bag is fabulous. I can't believe it was only $2. I love your orange and teal outfit too. It's a bummer about the parking ticket.

  8. I love the color combination in this outfit you have on, some of my favorite colors together! Hey that skirt I could have my student make one of those with that contrasting border print on the bottom!

  9. I'll bet that pumpkin soup was most welcome after such a busyness, BOO to getting a parking ticket! That really sucks! But look at the skirt you came away with and later on the amazing Mount Cook Airlines bag - I'm purring with envy:) xoxoxo

  10. Ooh I loooove the Mount Cook bag and the embroidered skirt! I too have been the victim of an opshop-related parking ticket a couple of times. I always play it off as part of the cost of the clothing, whoops.


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