Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Blue and Blue, Blue and Purple, and Red, White and Blue

Hi everyone, 
I am at home this morning with my Dear D, who has a bad cold.  I have not been feeling great myself this week, so its probably a good idea to have a quiet morning.  I'll be back at work this afternoon and Dear H will be on "duty".  

Here is a quick update on what I have been wearing over the last few days: Mothers Day was lovely and sunny so in the early afternoon we went for a walk along the esplanade.

Osti polyester dress, Milton Salvation Army
boots, cardigan and bag all thrifted
Due to it being almost dark by the time I get home from work I have not been able to take many photos of work outfits.  One night though I did manage to get a few indoor shots.  Here is one of my favourites - I love the shades of blue and purple in this dress:
Osti Polyester dress, St Vincent de Paul
Bangles all thrifted
Boots and jacket retail
I know it was nearly a week ago, but I wore something a bit different on Friday of last week.  I found the white textured trevira skirt at Toffs (yes, on the $2 rack), I can tell its quite old not just by the material, but also the way the skirt is made and the zip and hook fastener.  

White trevira skirt, Toffs
Red tee shirt and blue belt, Hospice Shop
Grey cardigan and bangles thrifted
tights and shoes retail
So there you go a red white and blue combo which certainly felt bold and bright.  I think I need to find a good spot to take photos while I am at work during the day, as I am in too much of a rush when I get home in the early evening and the light both inside and out, is not very good for photos.  

I'm off to make lunch now, hope you are all having a great week!


  1. Top outfits and fab bangles and tights, Penny-Rose. Don't worry about the pics, they're great and it's lovely to read about your little corner of the world.

  2. Thanks for your comment on my blog - your email address didn't work for me but you can (hopefully) email me at the link on my profile.

  3. I love the Osti shirtdress. The colours are great. All your bangles are fabulous too.

  4. Love the Osti dress.....great pattern....yay good old Osti....always a classic.
    I hope cold goes away quick and you don't get it.
    Ahhh yes that $2 section at Toffs is a gem.
    Love V

  5. Red, white and blue is so very classic. I really like that white skirt and your squiggly bangles! Your blue dress matches the ocean, perfect for a beachside stroll :)

  6. Loving the fresh and zingy red, white and blue outfit! The bangles are beauties! x

  7. Love the Osti dress, and the white skirt looks great on you - shows off your great figure! xxx

  8. You have got some awesome Ostis!! I love the middle dress colours - awesome!
    have a great weekend.

  9. You look gorgeous in blue, but the second dress is absolutely fab on you. Loving the bangles too. I must agree with Curtise, you have a rockin hot bod in that pencil skirt combo! I hope you don't succumb to the lurgy. Xx

  10. It's definitely trickier to find time for photos as fall turns into winter. Best of luck to you! I love the blues in the Mother's Day photos!

  11. I am all over those sparkling black flats!


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