Monday, May 6, 2013

On Monday I wore two outfits and bought two dresses

Hi Everyone!  A rare Monday post from me tonight, as I have a few outfits to show you.

First up today: the red dress and denim waistcoat ensemble below top right..  My first outfit felt okay but when I saw the photos I knew it was destined for the bag which resides in the bottom of the wardrobe (ie to be sold online or at a fair).   The dress is an Osti from Toffs, but it's not the traditional shirt style which I love.  It's too big for me and I know from wearing it previously a belt makes it look like a sack tied in the middle.  

Denim skirt Toffs, Polyester shirt St V de P (Oamaru)
Red Osti dress Toffs, Denim waistcoat retail
tights and boots retail
Cute black and white cat - comfortable in her own fur coat
My second outfit was not much better in terms of style (it was denim overload - waistcoat, skirt and boots) but it was warm!   For some reason the photo is fuzzy and I have to accept both the waistcoat and the skirt are really a tiny tiny bit too small for me (and I am wearing a singlet underneath which adds a bit of bulk).  After seeing the photos, the waistcoat was ditched in favour of a very old men's cardigan in dark brown.  

Now for a mashup of Frock up on Friday and Saturday.  Friday I wore pink - Osti shirtdress and boots both thrifted.  Saturday I wore the purple gingham check polyester house coat (collar visible under my sock bun below) but it was too cold for any decent photos.  
Pink Osti dress Toffs, $2 worn with leggings and pink boots from Savemart
Black leather jacket from Salvation Army
Scarf and belt retail.
Purple gingham check polyester house coat with zip front, St V de P
Thrifted petticoat just visible hanging below the hem.  
Today was my last day of my holiday (from work) and I had the house to myself to do some hand sewing and reading.   I popped into town to collect my Husky sewing machine as it has been serviced.  It seemed criminal to not go to the big Salvation Army Store and Toffs.  There were some hideous / fabulous ornaments at the Sally Army and I took photos on my phone - I am saving those for a future post.  The $2 dress rack at Toffs has been almost empty the last few times I have visited but today it was practically bowing to the ground - tried on four dresses and bought two, both fabulous homemade polyester maxi frocks (from the 1970s perhaps) and a perfectly functional blue and white pinstripe shirt.  

I am not wild about either of the outfits I wore today but never mind - I dressed for comfort and warmth.  I confess that in the past I have tended not to post when I wear outfits I don't like and/or photos of outfits I don't like! 

Hope your week has got off to a good start!

PS I am linking in with Patti for Visible Monday.


  1. I quite like your denim ensemble, it looks very country! And the hot pink belt is fantastic. Miss Pussy Cat looks all fluffed out on the compost bin!

  2. Funny that you think the double denim looks tight, but I think it looks good in the photo! I love the Osti frock combo with the leather jacket. And double yay to two new to you frocks, I particularly like the second one. I'm dreaming of raiding the Toffs $2 rack! Xx

  3. I think that pink Osti is such a great dress.
    Oh $2 Toffs is fabulous, I loved it in Chrischurch and I am so happy it's here in Dunedin. A couple of weeks ago I got the most amazing hand knitted jumper and beautiful paisley fabric.
    Have a wonderful weeks sweet.
    Love V

  4. I really like that second frock! And the shirt you're wearing in the denim combo is gorg, esp with the bangles. I enjoyed this frank, kind of droll, post, Penny-Rose.

  5. Love these looks, esp the pink with the pink boots. And I am craving those 70's dresses right now - they look so easy to wear and remind me of my wanna-be-hippie youth. Thanks for sharing it all with Visible Monday!

  6. I hope you will give the red dress another go, perhaps with different accessories or jacket/cardigan - I really love the vibrant colour! The pink Ostia frock is lovely, and I am looking forward to seeing those 70s frock being modelled! xxxx

  7. I saw an ornament on Saturday in the Jetty St Hospice which had your name on it. It was a dog pulling a cart with some puppies in it. I wish I had remembered my camera!


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