Friday, August 16, 2013

It feels like time is speeding up

This weeks feels like it has gone extra fast - it seems like only yesterday was Friday and I was looking forward to the weekend.  Alas, the weekend went fast, and the week went faster.  I started the week wearing what I consider a fairly demure outfit:

Vintage home-made woollen pinafore dress, found at the Presbyterian Support Shop; 
frilly blouse from Savemart, necklace, purple tights and bow boots both retail.

Tuesday was my birthday.  Just realised that the mini rainbow cake   matched my outfit:

 Diane Freis dress, found at Toffs for $2, 
worn with Atmosphere cardigan and black boots both from the Hospice Shop

My dear family made me feel like a princess and even though there was work and all the normal things to do, it was still a very special day.  

Work has been frantic all week and I don't think my photos really convey how I have been feeling at the end of the day.  My ever patient photographers know that a pic must be taken within minutes of getting in the door.  The cats somehow don't understand my sense of urgency and have to fed immediately.  Food is more important to them than participating in my blog!

By the middle of the week I decided to wear black and turquoise:

Black frilly Victorian looking blouse which is actually made of a knitted jersey and labelled Debenhams!
worn with old pleated turquoise skirt, black tights and shoes
Art Deco inspired necklace, gift from lovely family

The weather has been unseasonably warm this week and in the centrally heated office I have had my fan on most days in a valiant effort to keep cool.  My cloak had an outing this week - its not at all warm but I like the swishy feeling as I walk and I think it went with my paisley dress too:

 Vintage home-made cloak, Savemart
Vintage home-made dress, refashioned to fit, and cream boots both from ReStore
Yellow bracelets, Toffs $2
Yellow and white vintage glass necklace, Salvation Army

I have to say, I am SO GLAD it is Friday.  Today I decided to mix luxury gold embroidered ethnic skirt with the black cotton "dunedin" long sleeve tee shirt (designed here in Dunedin of course).  I gave a respectful nod to Coco Chanel with the oversize pearls and the black bow, which is a bit backhanded really, because I piled on some bangles and left my nails chipped and untidy.  Coco may have made pearls and simplicity her style, but it sure isn't mine. 

 Ethnic rayon skirt with gold embroidery, ReStore
Iconic Dunedin Tee shirt, designed by Nom'd, found in Toffs 
purple leather belt from Hospice Shop
bangles and ring all thrifted
shoes, tights and oversize pearls all retail

This weekend I will be chillaxing as much as possible and I am looking forward to Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries on Saturday night - the costumes and set are just wonderful.  I hope that time slows down a bit over the next couple of days, I feel like I need to catch my breath - or maybe that's just the aging process!!!

Hope you all have a great weekend, 
Penny-Rose xx



  1. I love that black frilly top .. Great with the turquoise.. And that paisley dress is a fave!

    Happy Birthday!

    Yes it's been very warm here too - bizarre!

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Happy happy birthday......many happy returns.......a rainbow cake......just perfect.
    I think you are right the weeks go so so fast.
    Love the pinafore......aways love a great pinafore.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Love V

  3. I do love seeing your outfit posts. I had to giggle picturing you with a fan on in winter! We slept with just a sheet on the other night....crazy for August! You look gorgeous in the pinafore, & that cake looks SO good! I love the turquoise outfit & accessories, & of course I always love that paisley frock on you. This past week has gone SO slowly for me. Counting down the days till I see you! Xx

  4. Happy Birthday! You look lovely in all your outfits this week. Wish I could say the same for me! It's the first week of school, which means I've been rummaging around, sorting shoes and repairing summer costumes. And it's hot, humid and stuffy. My outfits have been whatever I can climb a ladder in and not sweat through. Haha......

  5. Happy Birthday for earlier this week! That cake looks amazing.
    Love the demure pinafore and the paisley dress. The black blouse and turquoise skirt look great together - Debenhams is still going strong in the UK, it's a department store with branches in most cities. I actually bought my son some new trousers from Debenhams for the big do we went to, couldn't find any in the charity shops and he didn't have anything smart enough! At least they were in the sale...
    Fabulous colours in your skirt and I like the big pearls.
    Hope you have a relaxing weekend! xxxxx

  6. Love those frilly blouses. Do you have photos of the stripey one with neckline closed?
    just wondering what the collar looks like. all the best

  7. Happy birthday! Very sensible to match your outfit to the cake, who wouldn't?! I love that woolen pinafore - so snugly warm, perfect for a Dunedin winter. Am always a fan of paisley but I especially love the turquoise and black combo - gorgeous!!

  8. Happy Birthday! Your cake looks fantastic!

    I especially love the turquoise pleated skirt and the yellow paisley dress. So glad you had a fantastic birthday week.

    Sarah xxx

  9. Happy birthday! That cake look amazing! I love your Victorian black blouse, it looks beautiful with that skirt too. You do look happy in your Friday photos! :)

  10. Happy Birthday - I hope you have been having a lovely weekend. I have to say I have been feeling much like you lately, very tired. I wonder if its because its been so long since we have had a public holiday? I feel like I really need a break. Love the Dunedin tee:)

  11. Your outfits are fabulous! Happy Birthday even though it's late.

  12. Happy Birthday..again! Love the sleeves on that blouse, your cape o awesomeness and that divine turquoise pendant.
    I love the colours of your cake! xxx

  13. Happy Birthday! (Late, I know ..) I really enjoy these posts with your outfits, honestly, I can not say which one I like more ... all are precious! You are soooo Original ....

  14. Happy belated Birthday dear, I'm sorry I've been in my own little world and missed this. Your rainbow cake is bright as your smile. I hope it was grand!


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