Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hair last week - Victory Roll Over

Hi everyone!  I got my hair done last week my hairdresser, who I have been stalking (in a professional sense) for about 16 years, asked if she could style my hair in a kind of victory roll.  I thought you might like to see the results:

I am wearing a thrifted cardigan and polyester dress

I was very pleased with the results - I have tried Victory Rolls before but not with this kind of success.  I think the original inspiration was Katy Perry:

 Or something like this:

WOW, look at  Rita Hayworth:

Definitely not inspired by this:

My hair is the one thing that I spend my money on - I may scrimp, save, thrift and scavenge for my clothes, shoes and accessories, but my hair gets the full treatment.  I started dying my hair as a teenager, usually only semi permanent, and then advanced to permanent in my twenties when the evil curly greys started coming through.  My hairdresser and I have a great relationship, she has known me for years (through various ups and downs) and we always have a good laugh while she is making me feel like a princess.  For the record, my natural colour is dark brown and I have a naturally occuring white streak in the front which has got more prominent as I have aged...if only it was elegant as this:

 Hope you are all having a good week :-)


  1. Lily!!! Just one of a billion style icons!
    Your hair looks amazing! I'm pretty hopeless with hair, but I wouldn't mind trying these rolls! The inspirations, even that mad bloke, are all divoon!
    I never go to the hairdressers! I trim both mine and G's, and he henna's mine!!! We all need our vices/special treats...mine is plonk! XXX

  2. Your victory rolls look great! I am hopeless with hair, never do anything with mine other than wash and dry it, and leave my lovely hairdresser to colour and cut it. I know my limitations! xxxxxx

  3. Oh victory rolls are fabulous.....hmmmm I am not a hairdresser girl.....a little naughty I must say.
    Yay to having a wonderful one to go to fr years.
    Love v

  4. how awesome! I never would have thought to ask!

  5. I love the victory rolls! I've had them done in my hair before too :D I have to admit, I am the same as you, I ALWAYS spend money on my hair - usually without blinking an eyelid, its so worth it.

  6. what a fab look, such a talented hairdresser.
    Any tips on how we can do this style at home?


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