Thursday, August 8, 2013

Pleasant Point - all things nice and steamy

Some of you may not know of a very special little town in the South Island of New Zealand named Pleasant Point.  I can tell you it is pleasant by name, and pleasant by nature.  

I spent a really lovely couple of days there with my family last weekend and I would like to show you some of the things we saw:

 Interior of the first class carriage - with heated, padded leather seats, frosted etched fanlights, and beautiful lamps.
The packet exchange - back from the days when the train carried the mail
Restored Gangers hut with coal range and the sign from the cemetery
Ruston Hornsby Class LBT Diesel engine
Drure Tr 18diesel shunter
the spectacular AB699 - without her coverings waiting for her boiler inspection

 D16 2-4-0 Steam engine reversing into the station at Keane's Crossing
Wonderful old signs in the locomotive shed
interior of the ticket office

 me and the D16 2-4-0 Steam engine
The Legends Cafe (formerly the Post Office) and once the home of the famous Den Heath Custard Square.  I can vouch for the yumminess of the custard square - sadly no photos to share of this culinary delight!
me outside the Pleasant Point railway station - it was so cold I changed from hat to earmuffs!

 Oamaru Thames Street, St Vincent de Paul and a old shop facade

On the way to Pleasant Point (and home) and I can now tell you that in Oamaru I have visited the following: St Vincent de Paul, Hospice Shop and both the Salvation Army stores (most well organised Sally Army stores I have ever visited).  In Timaru I called in to the St Vincent de Paul (the biggest St V de P I have ever seen and very well laid out) sadly, the Red Cross was closed.

When I ventured into Temuka I discovered that the Salvation Army, SPCA Op shop and another op shop were all closed on the Saturday so I am planning another visit in future.  I did however find a great antique shop "Temuka Treasures"  and had a long talk about art and politics with Colin Higgins and Maria Foley in their artists studio aptly named "Out the Back".  

I had a great weekend and am planning to go back to Pleasant Point again in the near future.  Hope you enjoyed the photos!



  1. thrift shops closed on Saturday? Oh, no!!!!!!!!!!!! I also like to hit the shops when I travel, my idea of fun!

  2. I love checking out historic spots like that, looks like fun!


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