Friday, September 27, 2013

Frock on Friday with a bit of art and sculpture thrown in for good looks

Being a bit out of practice with blogging, today I wanted to make up for lost time!  First up, do any of you have an item of clothing in your wardrobe that you love, can't bear to part with, but somehow have only worn once or twice in the last ten years?  No, I am not talking about wedding dresses or ball gowns.  Well, I do.  About 10 years ago I was at a school fair and I found an Osti dress (polyester) dating from the late 1960's or early 1970's which still had all the original tags.  That dress is long gone, but lives on in my collection of Osti dresses.  At the same time I found a homemade dress.....
Homemade silk (?) dress with various thrifted items.  Cute kitty necklace and cute kitty. 
 The dress is beautifully made - it is interlined, which means that the lining is not a separate, its more like backing on to the fabric, the seams are overlocked but in a way which I don't recognise.  The collar and cuffs are scalloped, which I know is quite tricky to sew and get right.  The buttons (damn I forgot a close up) are vintage plastic and metal.  It might be a modern reproduction of a vintage dress but part of me things not.  The fabric is possibly silk.  It has funny little bobbles and nubs in it, which remind me of raw silk. 

Anyway, this object of loveliness sits in my wardrobe and is rarely worn.  After this successful outing, I think I might wear it more often!!

Next I want to show you a favourite combination - brown and teal.  I have worn this dress many times, its also homemade, probably from the 1970s with a big collar.  Polyester. 

Polyester dress from the Hospitce shop, accessories all thrifted except for the necklace. 
Several weeks ago, we went to the Youth Art Exhibition which was held in our lovely railway station.  My 11yo was exhibiting - her three pictures are in the middle vertically of the top centre photo.  

Finally, I went to Wellington a couple of weeks ago for a one day Pay and Employment Equity conference with my union.  It was a really intense day and at the end I went for a very long walk along the waterfront:

I really like Wellington: its a lot like Dunedin with the harbour and the hills and the weather, but its bigger, brighter, more arty (lots of sculptures and displays).  I did not have time to do any shopping or go to the museums but that was okay, I had fun by myself, which was a nice contrast to the full on conference.  

Okay, its Saturday morning, and that means several things: washing, washing, washing, washing, a bit of blog reading, cleaning...etc. 

Thanks for the positive comments about my submission :-)


Thursday, September 26, 2013

To think, to dream, to enjoy the details

Hi everyone, I have been occupied with other things recently and not been able to blog.  However, I have saved up quite a few things to share with you.  

A couple of weeks ago I helped 11yo with her wearable art project based on Artemis.  We went out to a great garage sale fund raiser event where all the money raised went to the Hospice Shop and afterwards we went to the Sally Army and the actual Hospice Shop in Mosgiel.  We found a great cardigan/vest which I converted into a hooded cape for her costume.  I found a great selection of train books for Dear H, and for myself, a yellow necklace below (I think they are pop beads) and a cute house key ring, which is also a tape measure. 

Yellow and purple beads, tape measure house, paisley socks and furry shoes. 

The colour orange seems to appeal to me at present - the Mosgiel Hospice Shop above is a great shade of orange, and the knee high socks (right) are paisley with orange and green and purple. 

I finally wore the green Lady Lichfield Shirt (because I finally ironed it!):

Polyester Shirt and velvet skirt both from Toffs, jacket and boots from Hospice Shop
Last weekend my 11 yo and I did a quick tour of the op shops on Saturday morning and we had a great time.  We found a great vintage suede Jacket which fits her perfectly - in the $2 section at Toffs.  Bonus.  I was very restrained.  So much so, in fact that I even dreamed about an item which I had seen but did not buy.  The next day I was in state of anxiety wondering if I could message the op shop via Facebook and ask them to hold the item.  11 yo told me it was wrong op shop.  I had it really bad.  So, after a calming swim, we went past the right op shop in case it was open.  It was.  11yo leapt out of the car and ran in to see if the lust-object was still there.  It was.  I nearly burst with happiness.  So, what got me in this state?  Well here it is:

Sigh.  I just love it - I think its a drinks container perhaps for a bottle of wine.  I guess its from the 1960s or 70s.  It is so kitschy and awesome.  The little slot machine works too (well you have to be really careful).  A couple of the poker chips are missing but that doesn't worry me at all.  I intend to use it as a handbag.

Anyway, you might be wondering what I have been up to over the last few days/couple of weeks which has meant that I am not blogging.  Well I have been preparing an oral submission to a select committee about an upcoming Bill which is going to parliament.  Its about changing the employment laws to make things more flexible - but it really only benefits the employers and as I am a union delegate I put in a submission with a group of other delegates saying that we think the proposed legislation is a backwards step in industrial relations!  I had to do my submission via teleconference rather than in person and today was the day when I had to present.  I dressed up specially, to make myself feel good!  I was very nervous but it was such a great feeling to be part of the democratic process. 

I found the shirt in the St Vinnies yesterday lunchtime for the princely sum of $5.  I have wanted a photographic print shirt for ages and ages and I was absolutely delighted to find this one.  The shoes were found at the same shop a couple of weeks ago for $2.  The boucle skirt was 50 cents and a dear colleague gave me the tights. 

Just re-looked at my photos and laughed to myself. One day I will post an outfit photo and one of my silly cats will be at the cat flap waiting to come inside.  Also I see that the chair leg is in the shoe pic!

Hope you are all well, and enjoying the changing seasons.  Now my submission is behind me I will be trying to blog a bit more often. 

Bye for now, 


Friday, September 13, 2013

I would think of a title if there was one moment of silence

Last weekend in the afternoon I went to the Vintage Round up (read more about it here and in this blog post from The Vintage Thrill) up.  I must admit the highlight was catching up with the delightfully whimsical Two Squirrels Vanessa and Warren.  Their stall was just delightful and I am looking forward to visiting them in Milton.  

The Vintage Round up is a great selection of stalls selling vintage clothing and accessories.  I spent a very contented hour or so wandering around.  I have to be honest though I am disappointed that there was a large stall of mass produced MIC vintage looking jewellery and another of glass beaded jewellery.  It would have been nicer to have all vintage things downstairs and leave the jewellery for a craft fair or similar.  

I could not resist getting a couple of cute little plastic babies from Liz from Kings Emporium and a velvet bow tie. 

I am so proud of my daffodil I just had to share it with you - usually they get eaten by possums.  Top right are my peonies all potted up in preparation for being moved to their new home.  

Remember a while back I went to Broad Bay China with Indigo Violet?  Well here is a photo of me wearing the Egyptian brooch I bought there - its got a handy hook on the back too, so it can be converted to a necklace.  The clip-on earrings are in the "make into something else" craft pile!!

Vintage Canterbury Wear woollen vest, St Vincent de Paul, brooch from Broad Bay China, necklace from Presbyterian Support and shirt from Toffs
 What I wore to the Round Up:

 Chagall "The Birthday" wraparound skirt worn with thrifted cardigan tee shirt, necklace and boots.  Tights given to me by a colleague.  The garden at home is looking lovely - the blossom was gorgeous until a vicious storm blew it all away.  Is n't my boy handsome?  He can't resist being part of my photo shoots.

 Okay, now for some recent outfit collages:

Polyester home-made dress with Glengyle cardigan, thrifted belt and boots, candy heart bracelet and ring, shell bracelet all retail, Mood ring and necklace from fairs, Vivienne Westwood brooch (online retail splurge some years ago) and the pink tights which seem to get a lot of comments!

 Cream polyester and lace dress from Paperbag Princess ($2) Elvis obi made by me, necklace and peal bobble earrings both thrifted, Purple tights from KMART and cute shoes just bought this week from St Vinnies for $2. 

 Frock on Friday for Friday 13th September: vintage polyester green dress from Toffs (and the white big bead bracelet), white and yellow necklace from the Mosgiel Salvation Army, white leather belt from Hospice Shop, shoes and hair flower and flower bracelet all retail, and tights from a colleague at work.  The theme for the day was "keep it fresh" and I think I succeeded. 

I got up early today (Saturday) and thought it would be a good time to throw together a post.  It's a beautiful day here in Dunedin and I plan to do some washing and housework then go to a few op shops and a garage sale.  If it stays fine I will be in the garden this afternoon.  Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Positively green...made in New Zealand .... from polyester!

I seem to have developed a thing for green recently......for example, this Lady Lichfield sleeveless shirt dress which was on the $2 rack at Toffs.....

....and the same day I found this Lady Lichfield shirt is a heavyweight polyester has lovely button detailing and darts in the front and the back.....

.....and this fabulous green and white striped dress which reminds me of the striped candy on Candy Crush (evil Facebook game).....

Can you believe that New Zealand made so many clothes in lovely polyester, lovely green polyester....and now the majority of clothing is Made in China from black (or dark colours) polarfleece or cotton knit :-(  I am exaggerating, but you get the picture.

I know I have not posted an outfit for a while but I am a bit jaded (LOL just realise that I made a green pun).  In closing take a look at this beauty.....

 Bye for now, 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

An art deco inspired outfit and more

Hi there, 
I just want to share a selection of outfits I have worn over the last couple of weeks.  First up, another $1 polyester dress, from the Presbyterian Support Shop:

This vision of loveliness has an art deco feel with the straight bodice, slightly longer length, and the pleated lower.  The neckline is a bit different the collar and tie create a nice v shape but for the sake of protecting my cleavage there is what I can only describe as a modesty band across the V to prevent unnecessary cleavage showing.  The pattern is quite unusual too a sort of leopard print black on a dark petrol blue colour with large red flowers.  As you can see I colour co-ordinated my accessories and wore off-white tights (gift from work colleague) and red shoes, a red cardigan (thrifted) and red jewellry (segmented bangles from Savemart). 

Two other outfits I want to share with you I have already posted on facebook - 

On a particularly cold blustery day I was very happy to wear my teddy bear coat which I got from the Hospice Shop recently.  The skirt is the Indian one I found at Toffs for $2 and refashioned to fit me.  The scarf I bought retail ages ago because I loved all the vibrant colours.  The black boots were another fantastic find at the Hospice Shop.  In comparison on the left - from a couple of Sunday's ago - I am wearing another $1 polyester dress from Presbyterian Support.  Its a home-made one, in a blue and gold floral print and I have teamed it up with a thrifted belt and a yellow gold chiffon scarf worn as a head band was found at Toffs for $2.

That's all from me, I am doing something really special with my family tomorrow night and hope to post about over the weekend.  

Bye bye for now, 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Spring is Springing

Spring is here - its September now.  I want to show a couple of outfits which include new-to-me items from the wonderful Vintage Bird Girl.  

On the left I am wearing a vintage courtelle sweater and a 1980s multicoloured skirt which was gifted to me by a work colleague (she wore it at a karaoke night).  On the right, is a blue and pink (Made in Taiwan) vintage styled blouse which made me gasp "be still my beating heart" when I clapped eyes on it.  It was a gift from my dear friend VBG:

Here's a close up of the details:

Left: Gorgeous stag brooch from VBG and flower brooch Trademe.  Centre, black patent shoes Toffs $2 and pink and yellow polka dot socks, retail.  Right, Be Still My Beating Heart polyester Blouse from VBG and black glass deco necklace, Trademe .

Do you ever have one of those evenings when blogging when everything takes soooooo muuuuuuuucccccccchhhhh loooooonger than you anticipated?  I am having one of those evenings.  The "broadband" in my neighbourhood should be renamed 'narrow band'.  Anyway, its taken what feels like hours to make these collages and write this post but I am determined to show you one more thing (and hopefully the internet connection won't drop again!)

VBG gifted me an item of pure gorgeousness - Dear Readers I present to you the Deer and Fawn thermometer.  A Gift From Toowoomba.  

I just love deer and this kitschy item is right at home on the window ledge in my office.  Its a pretty accurate thermometer too which makes it handy as well as what I call the Piece de Resistance of my kitsch ornament collection.  Mother and Bambi have joined Elasti-cat (a cat ofcourse), Thumper (the Rabbit), Pedro the Donkey, Perdita the Poodle and Robbie the Reindeer (his tail is just visible by Thumper's ear).  

So that's all my laptop can handle tonight folks - its so hot my lap is burning.  What is the point of calling it a laptop if its not possible to have it on your lap?  

Hope you are all having a good week!