Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Positively green...made in New Zealand .... from polyester!

I seem to have developed a thing for green recently......for example, this Lady Lichfield sleeveless shirt dress which was on the $2 rack at Toffs.....

....and the same day I found this Lady Lichfield shirt is a heavyweight polyester has lovely button detailing and darts in the front and the back.....

.....and this fabulous green and white striped dress which reminds me of the striped candy on Candy Crush (evil Facebook game).....

Can you believe that New Zealand made so many clothes in lovely polyester, lovely green polyester....and now the majority of clothing is Made in China from black (or dark colours) polarfleece or cotton knit :-(  I am exaggerating, but you get the picture.

I know I have not posted an outfit for a while but I am a bit jaded (LOL just realise that I made a green pun).  In closing take a look at this beauty.....

 Bye for now, 


  1. I've still been reading your posts when I've had Wi-Fi but it's harder to comment with my phone. But I just had to say I'm absolutely drooling over the first with envy! If you ever grow tired of that one let me know! Missing you & my beloved Dunedin. Xx

  2. Wahoo those frocks are great! Toffs $2 rack is BOSS I've decided!
    Love those old polyester dresses - hot in Summer though.. They were obviously favoured because of the washing ease or something..

  3. That first one is fab, what a cheerful print! Lady Lichfield - Lichfield is the closest city to where I live, bizarre coincidence! x

  4. Beautiful blossoms against the bright blue sky, and gorgeous green vintage loveliness! I think the striped dress is my fave. Hope you feel less jaded soon! xxxx

  5. that top dress looks like it was made for you!

  6. We did used to make such lovely clothes here in Aotearoa right? My mum worked as a seamstress in a factory in my hometown (Stratford, Taranaki) for many years making lingerie - now its all gone :( You sure made some lovely green purchasers lately, nice scores!

  7. I love Lady Lichfield - I've just added some to my wardrobe!


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