Thursday, September 5, 2013

An art deco inspired outfit and more

Hi there, 
I just want to share a selection of outfits I have worn over the last couple of weeks.  First up, another $1 polyester dress, from the Presbyterian Support Shop:

This vision of loveliness has an art deco feel with the straight bodice, slightly longer length, and the pleated lower.  The neckline is a bit different the collar and tie create a nice v shape but for the sake of protecting my cleavage there is what I can only describe as a modesty band across the V to prevent unnecessary cleavage showing.  The pattern is quite unusual too a sort of leopard print black on a dark petrol blue colour with large red flowers.  As you can see I colour co-ordinated my accessories and wore off-white tights (gift from work colleague) and red shoes, a red cardigan (thrifted) and red jewellry (segmented bangles from Savemart). 

Two other outfits I want to share with you I have already posted on facebook - 

On a particularly cold blustery day I was very happy to wear my teddy bear coat which I got from the Hospice Shop recently.  The skirt is the Indian one I found at Toffs for $2 and refashioned to fit me.  The scarf I bought retail ages ago because I loved all the vibrant colours.  The black boots were another fantastic find at the Hospice Shop.  In comparison on the left - from a couple of Sunday's ago - I am wearing another $1 polyester dress from Presbyterian Support.  Its a home-made one, in a blue and gold floral print and I have teamed it up with a thrifted belt and a yellow gold chiffon scarf worn as a head band was found at Toffs for $2.

That's all from me, I am doing something really special with my family tomorrow night and hope to post about over the weekend.  

Bye bye for now, 


  1. Lovely outfits and the perfect accessory - a black cat! Especially love the red and grey!

  2. Gorgeous, amazing finds, beautifully put together - looking fab, Penny-Rose!

  3. Very lovely finds! I love the teddy bear coat! XOXO Lynn

  4. I most especially love that first frock, great accessories too!
    You pick up some bloody good scores, lovey! XXX

  5. You look lovely in red. I adore your jewelry it really compliments your outfit. =D

  6. I also love the first dress. Nice pleats

  7. Fabulous pattern on the dress sweet........perfect with red accessories.
    So lovely to see you at the Vintage Round-up.
    Love V


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