Friday, September 13, 2013

I would think of a title if there was one moment of silence

Last weekend in the afternoon I went to the Vintage Round up (read more about it here and in this blog post from The Vintage Thrill) up.  I must admit the highlight was catching up with the delightfully whimsical Two Squirrels Vanessa and Warren.  Their stall was just delightful and I am looking forward to visiting them in Milton.  

The Vintage Round up is a great selection of stalls selling vintage clothing and accessories.  I spent a very contented hour or so wandering around.  I have to be honest though I am disappointed that there was a large stall of mass produced MIC vintage looking jewellery and another of glass beaded jewellery.  It would have been nicer to have all vintage things downstairs and leave the jewellery for a craft fair or similar.  

I could not resist getting a couple of cute little plastic babies from Liz from Kings Emporium and a velvet bow tie. 

I am so proud of my daffodil I just had to share it with you - usually they get eaten by possums.  Top right are my peonies all potted up in preparation for being moved to their new home.  

Remember a while back I went to Broad Bay China with Indigo Violet?  Well here is a photo of me wearing the Egyptian brooch I bought there - its got a handy hook on the back too, so it can be converted to a necklace.  The clip-on earrings are in the "make into something else" craft pile!!

Vintage Canterbury Wear woollen vest, St Vincent de Paul, brooch from Broad Bay China, necklace from Presbyterian Support and shirt from Toffs
 What I wore to the Round Up:

 Chagall "The Birthday" wraparound skirt worn with thrifted cardigan tee shirt, necklace and boots.  Tights given to me by a colleague.  The garden at home is looking lovely - the blossom was gorgeous until a vicious storm blew it all away.  Is n't my boy handsome?  He can't resist being part of my photo shoots.

 Okay, now for some recent outfit collages:

Polyester home-made dress with Glengyle cardigan, thrifted belt and boots, candy heart bracelet and ring, shell bracelet all retail, Mood ring and necklace from fairs, Vivienne Westwood brooch (online retail splurge some years ago) and the pink tights which seem to get a lot of comments!

 Cream polyester and lace dress from Paperbag Princess ($2) Elvis obi made by me, necklace and peal bobble earrings both thrifted, Purple tights from KMART and cute shoes just bought this week from St Vinnies for $2. 

 Frock on Friday for Friday 13th September: vintage polyester green dress from Toffs (and the white big bead bracelet), white and yellow necklace from the Mosgiel Salvation Army, white leather belt from Hospice Shop, shoes and hair flower and flower bracelet all retail, and tights from a colleague at work.  The theme for the day was "keep it fresh" and I think I succeeded. 

I got up early today (Saturday) and thought it would be a good time to throw together a post.  It's a beautiful day here in Dunedin and I plan to do some washing and housework then go to a few op shops and a garage sale.  If it stays fine I will be in the garden this afternoon.  Hope you all have a lovely weekend!



  1. So many stylish outfits - love the green and yellow!

  2. I meant to let you know that my aunty was having a garage sale today ( Forfar st).. 30 years in that house.. now downsizing.. They might have another.. And i'll let you know..
    Love the green and yellow combo, and the grey dress, which reminds me of lino in old houses! ( which is a good thing by the way!)

    Ooo, it's lovely, and it's quite distracted me from all your fabulous frockage!!! XXX

  4. Totally agree about the jewellery at the fair, it was not vintage! Loving the Egyptian brooch, the orange and turquoise combo, and the yellow bracelets.

  5. I'm in love with that first skirt. Pure art. You have nice style. Thanks for posting the photos and feel free to drop by me too anytime.

  6. Yay it was lovely to see you too!!!!!!
    Oh to many great outfits.......wonderful colours........fabulous the green and yellow together.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
    Love V

  7. Some awesome outfits! I love all the colour you use! I'm always on the hunt for vintage clip-on earrings- and yes, unfortunately its so obvious when they are made to look vintage and are fakies!

  8. Oh hello lovely lady I've just discovered you through gorgeous Leisa isn't she a doll. So I thought I'd pop on over and say hi, I'm following you now too. Lovely flowers and love your frocks, like Leisa I'm a sucker for green too.


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