Friday, September 27, 2013

Frock on Friday with a bit of art and sculpture thrown in for good looks

Being a bit out of practice with blogging, today I wanted to make up for lost time!  First up, do any of you have an item of clothing in your wardrobe that you love, can't bear to part with, but somehow have only worn once or twice in the last ten years?  No, I am not talking about wedding dresses or ball gowns.  Well, I do.  About 10 years ago I was at a school fair and I found an Osti dress (polyester) dating from the late 1960's or early 1970's which still had all the original tags.  That dress is long gone, but lives on in my collection of Osti dresses.  At the same time I found a homemade dress.....
Homemade silk (?) dress with various thrifted items.  Cute kitty necklace and cute kitty. 
 The dress is beautifully made - it is interlined, which means that the lining is not a separate, its more like backing on to the fabric, the seams are overlocked but in a way which I don't recognise.  The collar and cuffs are scalloped, which I know is quite tricky to sew and get right.  The buttons (damn I forgot a close up) are vintage plastic and metal.  It might be a modern reproduction of a vintage dress but part of me things not.  The fabric is possibly silk.  It has funny little bobbles and nubs in it, which remind me of raw silk. 

Anyway, this object of loveliness sits in my wardrobe and is rarely worn.  After this successful outing, I think I might wear it more often!!

Next I want to show you a favourite combination - brown and teal.  I have worn this dress many times, its also homemade, probably from the 1970s with a big collar.  Polyester. 

Polyester dress from the Hospitce shop, accessories all thrifted except for the necklace. 
Several weeks ago, we went to the Youth Art Exhibition which was held in our lovely railway station.  My 11yo was exhibiting - her three pictures are in the middle vertically of the top centre photo.  

Finally, I went to Wellington a couple of weeks ago for a one day Pay and Employment Equity conference with my union.  It was a really intense day and at the end I went for a very long walk along the waterfront:

I really like Wellington: its a lot like Dunedin with the harbour and the hills and the weather, but its bigger, brighter, more arty (lots of sculptures and displays).  I did not have time to do any shopping or go to the museums but that was okay, I had fun by myself, which was a nice contrast to the full on conference.  

Okay, its Saturday morning, and that means several things: washing, washing, washing, washing, a bit of blog reading, cleaning...etc. 

Thanks for the positive comments about my submission :-)



  1. That first frock is so pretty, you should wear it more often. I love turquoise with just about anything, it's lovely with the brown frock. You have been a busy bee. I hope the intense work is over for now at least. Xx

  2. Love both this bloody unusual frock (first pic) and this awesome brown and teal combination! And your smile, you really have a lovely smile! Indeed, I do have a few things that rarely get an outing and I can't bear to part with them, but it's more of a not fitting the wretched things anymore....
    Wellington is ALWAYS a good time. We love it there too! XXX

  3. if you can pull a few threads of the possibly silk dress frm the hem, you could do a burn test.

    Speaking of odd items I can't part with, I have a 70s jacket from Hong Kong with fake fur hood and big embroidered snow flakes.

  4. Next time you're in Welly text me for coffee ;) I love both those dresses and yes I do have dresses in my wardrobe I love but rarely wear - I actually wore one yesterday and then remembered I hardly wear it as its dry clean only ;)

  5. So good to see you again. Glorious dresses.
    Do keep in touch

  6. Brown and teal is a great combo that looks wonderful on you

  7. Love teal and brown together, and yes, I do have dresses that don't get worn much, but I'm trying to be a little more ruthless about those, and move them on...No point having everyday clothing I only wear once in a blue moon, I'm afraid!
    Glad you had a good time in Wellington, and congrats to your daughter on getting her paintings in the exhibition. xxxx

  8. Your first frock with bobbles and nubs is so happy to be going out; now she won't leave you alone and will demand many outings. And teal and brown are a favourite combination of mine too.
    Your daughter's paintings are tremendous! Congratulations on being in this show. What a wonderful accomplishment.

  9. I love red and teal- but you've got me convinced about teal and brown! It is a lovely mix of color! I also like your unworn frock- the scallops are such a sween detail!


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