Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New denim trend? Take your pick - life-style |

I have just bought two pairs of jeans from Savemart to wear while I am on holiday. One pair of Just Jeans light blue skinny jeans and one pair of bootleg GAP jeans. Both were about $16 so therefore significantly cheaper than retail. I have not bought jeans for more than a year, as I am still thrashing to death my high waisted straight leg retro jeans from Portmans before the store closed in Dunedin. I paid the princely sum of $10. My other jeans are from Just Jeans and were bought in 2004 - I think they were called "Kylie" and are a boot leg style. Both pairs are no longer looking their best and as denim is ....timeless...classic...functional...comfortable and goes with most other items, I thought a new pair would be perfect for my trip to Melbourne.

Here is a very timely article about jeans New denim trend? Take your pick - life-style |