Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A handsome beast distracts me from my sewing - patchwork drives me crazy

 In the weekend I was playing around with some of the fabric I bought from the Fabric sale and looking at patchwork effects to make a waistcoat and a top.  In the top right of the photo you can just see the brown and green check patches I had assembled to make the front of a waistcoat.  I think the overall effect may be a bit like I am a perpetual supporter of St Patrick's day!  I also looked at the fabulous green white and orange striped fabric to see if there was enough to make a sleeveless top.  As I tried various combinations of putting the offcuts on the floor against a pattern, my darling cat decided that HE should be the centre of my universe.
 When I gently scolded him and told him to move he literally collapsed and lay down in protest!  How could I be angry with him???

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  1. What a cutie!!! I had a similar experience with a cat last night as I was trying to cut out fabric! Resistance is futile and any flopping displays usually end in about 20 minutes of petting! hehehehe


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