Tuesday, July 19, 2011

You don't have to spend a lot of money to buy beautiful things

 Du Barry shoes from Presbyterian Yellow Opshop - I found these in a banana box of shoes under the bedding and linen table.  Inside the box were about 20 pairs of mainly black or navy shoes.  These cream beauties screamed for me to choose them.  To my amazement I fit them - not perfectly as they are a little wider than I would normally wear, but they sure make my feet look cute!  Oh, they were $1

 Home-made plaid skirt from remnant from Fabric Sale (< $1) worn with vintage Canterbury blue wool vest ($5 I think) and To A T shirt ($2)

Yesterday I did a sweep of the op shops and found this lovely at the Butterflies Shop: home made polyester dress - it has a waist which makes it fit better than the shirt style dresses.  $2

 Then, I made a decision.  I had seen a red and white dress on the rack last week.  It was still hanging there.  The fabric is amazing: Here is a not great photo of it.  It is slinky - almost like swimwear fabric.
 Well, the nice ladies at the shop offered to measure it across the bust to see if it would fit me.  They told me I could try it on, but I told them honestly, I did not want to take my clothes off.  So, when I checked the tape measure I took a gamble......

and this is what it looks like:

 I absolutely love it.  It was $10 so therefore one of my more expensive purchases.  And look at the cute detail on the arms 

What do you think?????

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  1. A lady after my own heart - just lately, I can't seem to pass a charity shop without emerging with bags full of stuff - I really do look like a bag lady scurrying along the street sometimes!!


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