Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A few of my favourite things: Bagley glass, frosted glass, bambi, peonies and more

 My house is too small to display my collection of Bagley and frosted glass.  The two places where it can be displayed safely are the window sill in my bedroom - a small window high up - and the mantle piece in the lounge.  I might add though, that when Fabienne was a kitten I did catch her walking around the glass very carefully!  I used to display some in the sun room on the window sill, but her larger, and clumsier brother was not as adept at negotiating the obstacles and now two of my rare trinket dishes are without lids.  Never mind.  Most of the glass has been bought by me in second-hand shops, but the blue candlesticks (above on far left) were a gift from Dear H, from Napier, Art Deco capital of New Zealand.  The aqua or  turquoise candlestick was bought from Trademe and is one of a pair.  I also have a pair of the pink bamboo vases (second from left) but the legs/feet are quite chipped. 
 My amber, yellow and black collection on the mantle piece of my lounge.  The sunburst jug was $25 but the little rose-bud vase on the far left was only $2.  I have about three times this amount in storage - mainly blue and green.  I used to have it on display in the kitchen but due to competing demands for space I had to pack it away.  In my dream house I would have lots of places to store "treasure".
 My nick-name is Penny-Rose and this came about because I love peonies, and one day I saw bunches of peonies for sale labelled "Penny-roses" and I thought it was so funny.  I also like the play on words with "pennies from heaven" and ofcourse all the words and phrases to do with roses.  The silk flowers above look lovely with the vintage vase I inherited from my mother-in-law and the little vase with bambi,
 This is my dressing table/corner.  The corner mirror shelf is where i display all my costume rings.  The mask is  a reproduction of a Victorian design.  I like to hang my necklaces so that I can see them - otherwise they would not get worn.  Yes, its all a bit of a dust collection area, but I have one of those cool fluffy electrostatic dusters!
This is a wider view of the top of the oak bookcase where I store my vintage books. The ceramic fantail was a gift when I left my last job.  The tall frosted pink vase in the corner was a gift from Dear H. 

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  1. I love the bambi vase & the jewellery display in your bedroom. I just bought an old spoon rack to display my necklaces.


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