Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What has employment bargaining got in common with sewing?

Hello Everyone, above is a pic of one of icons of the labour movement Rose the Riveter.  This image appears in so many blogs and articles I am of the belief that it is a free image.  Rosie embodies the power of women to step up and work as equals amongst men and each other.  Rosie smashes the stereotype of a delicate woman by literally rolling up her sleeves, flexing her muscle and getting on with the job.

Employment bargaining is very similar.  As a delegate I have to sit at the table with other delegates, and other unions as equals and negotiate enhancements to the employment agreements.  So, I hear you ask, what has that got to do with sewing???  Well, there are two things which I really live for at present, beyond my family, and that is my ability to advocate and negotiate for my union colleagues, and my love of sewing.

The actual act of sewing is a relatively individual pursuit - but the journey of creativity and problem solving which I traverse on the way to the sewing machine, is very much a collaborative effort.  In no temporal order, there is the searching for designs and inspiration, the feedback from my family, friends and fellow bloggers, or if I am a little shy, I might peruse the work of others, the comments and feedback they have received.  The blogging community gives individuals the confidence, encouragement and drive to keep going.  My union members give me the same kind of strength when I have to go up against HR or the Boss.  My fellow delegates and organiser keep me focussed when I get tempted to go off track (just like my dear Mother commenting "that braid makes the dress look little-girly").  I have the freedom to choose to accept the guidance or not, so I feel comfortable in maintaining my autonomy (or design independence!).

I could write more, but I have work to do, and bargaining again tomorrow.  Joy oh Joy I have extra time at lunch today to visit OpShops which are beyond normal lunch time walking distance.  So, what drives you?  What gives you balance, direction, encouragement, inspiration?  For me today, its Rosie. 


  1. Negotiations are always tough - wishing you the very best of luck with yours!

    That's the nice thing about sewing/knitting for yourself - you take a complete break from the "big picture" and concentrate on your own "little picture" instead for a while!

  2. Yay! I think that Rosie lives inside of me all the time, besides work, the different facets of everyday life make every minute of every day is a constant race against the elements, so the family and friends make compensation to help that path. Simply Sewing is my therapy.


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