Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Patterns, Sewing Book and Stitchcraft magazines, purchased from Awesome Dunedin Fabric Sale

I love the clean lines of this pattern and the curved panel on the front would look amazing in a contrasting fabric!
Long and short sleeved mini dresses -

I seem to have a "thing" for waistcoats at present and notice that the pattern on the right gives the appearance of a waistcoat.  Just realised this is a very very long caption!

Love the collars on these!

I confess I bought some of these patterns just because I like the pictures, not because I am going to use them!  I love the orange and browns of 7795, but I know the shape (or lack of) would be a problem for me, so I won't be using this pattern. 

This dates from the late 1960s - I have a later edition from the 1970s as well.

Dark orange skirt with metal belt and coin attached. 

More orange and more metal jewellry

two very different designs

These designs are so different - the one on the left has a clearly defined waist, structured bodice and long sleeves.  The one on the right is almost shapeless.  But the fabric, oh the fabric....

Love the detail of the contrast collar and bow on the left, and buttons and bodice on the right.  Plus the concealed pockets!

Scallops and trims

Another example of orange and brown colouring.   The smooth lines of the scallops really contrasts with the ruffled front on the blouse!

Variations in patterns - big bright bold and very eyecatching

An unsed pattern for stretch fabric. Raglan sleeves look good on me as I have large shoulders.  I have learnt that kimono sleeves do not flatter me at all. 

This vision of yellow loveliness really grabbed my attention. 

Dear H who is cricket mad would love a sweater like this. 

Dear D would probably scream and run a mile if I suggested I made this for her.  She likes skinny black jeans and tee shirts.

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  1. I love the "Go Gay with Stripes" sweater/hat combo. Very cute. Good finds!


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