Tuesday, June 7, 2011

More of the majestic fabric samples - with commentary

Dear Readers, the colours in these pictures do not quite convey the intensity and passion of the real fabric samples, but so delighted am I with their discovery I feel I must share more of the polyester lovelies with you.  It may not surprise you to learn that I was busy at work today, and unable to upload any photos - so I have been confined to my inaccurately named "sunroom" which is at the southerly end of the house, with no heating and the Listener to read, while I upload small batches of photos to Picasa and then to my blog.  My hands are not quite blue, but there is a faint numbness, particularly in my little finger which suggests that a state of blue-ness is not far off.  It is ofcourse, only 3 weeks from the shortest day, the nights are long and the day time temperatures are just making double figures.  The room does in fact get quite a lot of sun but please bear in mind that the sun is only shining in the windows from 11am to 2pm as there is a splendid hill behind my house!!  Despite the cold, and my busy day, I am still so happy with the discovery of the fabric samples. 
 This one, of interlinked red and grey and green, I imagine made into a skirt and jacket.  It is a serious pattern, the colours blend together, yet, still allow the white/grey diamonds linked together to show through.  The one below however I imagine as something else.
 To be honest this is one of the first samples that really grabbed me by the throat and said, look at me I am really really bright.   Any person wearing this pattern will be noticed.  The wider stripes of acid yellow clashes violently with the narrow lines of dark purple.  The rusty orange seems to be an after thought and the red is pure vileness.  The one below is equally loud but with more evenly spaced colours, reminds me more of a rainbow.  So I wonder, was this fabric destined for a sports shirt?  Maybe something along the lines of Lacoste?  Or similar?  Or perhaps a jump suit ?  Or a swim suit?  No, the fabric is not suitable for swimming, but it could be for leisure wear. 

 Its hard to see in the photo above but there is amazing texture in this fabric - the ridges are almost embossed - again I wonder if it was for a sports shirt.  The dark blue and khaki green are like railway lines and the acid yellow is more like a highlight than a searchlight blinding the viewer's eyes.  There is enough pattern too, to see a repeat - red white blue green yellow green blue red white.  The sense of uniformity leads me to wonder if these were fabrics intended for sports wear - certainly the blue and green stripes below seem to be sporty in their freshness. 

Tonight's last example is not just a vision of loveliness with the clashing yellow red and purple, it is also a great example of the diamond pattern of the weave which is clearly visible.  Mayer and Cie are famous for their circular knitting machines and this is an example of the different textures which could be achieved. 

Okay, hand is now almost blue, which signifies the end of this ramble.  I have the last few pages of a novel to complete before tonight's episode of Downton Abbey, which I am watching mainly for the costumes.  Night Night.

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  1. Wow! I like them all, but of course, the latter three are GREAT!!
    Oh! Little treasure!


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