Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fabulous Fabric Finds in Stunning Colour - thanks to Picasa

 Kimono bought from Kilbirnie Wellington made from rayon and probably dating from around 1980s or earlier.  I took the entire collar off the kimono as it was very bulky and then removed the front panels.  This allowed me to cut directly across the garment through only one layer of fabric and minimised making a mistake.  Then I removed the material used to line the seat area and converted into a top using Butterick 7287, Quick and Easy Blouse with choice of collor dating from around 1950.  Blouse has central front seam, and in my case a centre back seam based on the original garment.  The slightly shaped kimono sleeves also echo the garments origins.  There is enough fabric left over to make a sash.  The top part of the kimono remains untouched.  Cost $5.
 Printed cotton fabric with paisely design - once a scarf, then a skirt for a very large lady, and now a very simple A line skirt with no darts, and a soon to be finished lined waistcoat.  Cost $4 from Butterflies shop

Purple and yellow floral polyester homemade skirt bought from the Yellow Shop for $1.  Slightly too small A line skirt with lining.  Guess it dates from the 1970s. 

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