Thursday, June 16, 2011

Presbyterian Support Fabric Sale

Tomorrow is the famous Presbyterian Support Fabric Sale in Burns Hall.  I have never been before but heard so much about this event and am really looking forward to it. 


This an annual sale of all the fabric, laces, buttons, zips, wool, trims etc that we get donated to us for fund-raisng. It's hugely popular with people queuing at the doors of Burns Hall in the grounds of First Church, Dunedin, well before the 11am opening time. Sewing and knittings patterns, and table linen are also for sale. Please bring you own bags.Fabric Sale - 11am - 2pm on Saturday 18 June 2011, Burns Hall, First Church, Dunedin.

 I will be taking my camera so I can photograph the event, and I am limiting myself to $20 spending.  The reason for this is that I am running out of storage space in the "sun room" and may have to consider other options....may like this!

Containers at Port Chalmers (photo taken from Boiler Point, by Lucy Gray)
Last night I spent nearly half an hour trying to take photos of the amazing moon rising above the harbour.  It was a lovely yellow gold colour due to the recent eclipse.  Did any of you see it?

Our southern skies are also clouded with dust from the Chilean Volcanic eruptions and as a result the boss is still not back in the office.  Colleagues and friends in Christchurch are recovering from the earthquakes earlier this week, and for some it is all becoming too much. I would therefore like to end my post with something that makes me smile (when I am at work) and it is this charming bambi figurine which sits on my desk.  I love the innocent big eyes and the happy smile, the jaunty tail, the slightly retro kitschy look.  I can almost hear the bell around his/her neck ringing.  Carefully packed away in shredded paper I have about twenty other Bambi's, but this one has always lived on my desk. 

Bambi figurine $7 (photo by Lucy Gray)

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