Monday, June 13, 2011

Tuesday Musings and Port Chalmers Garrison Hall

 Sorry about the creases, but look at the lovely fabric used to make a very simple top which I scored from the St V de P last week for $4.  The colour is very unusual too.  I am removing the sleeves as I need to enlarge the armhole in order to comfortably wear it.  I noticed that there are French seams and the shoulders have a bit like the yoke from a shirt but only on the shoulders, and there is fabric gathered there, which means, if I have the patience to unpick the shoulder, more fabric is available to use.  Am I mad for unpicking a $4 top? 

Bridge in Japanese Garden just visible in mural.

Scratched into the cement of the main door step
 These two photos were taken at Garrison Hall which is the main street of Port Chalmers.  The hall is being demolished and during this process two large murals were discovered and have been commented on in various media.  I decided that I wanted to see the murals for myself and although they are badly damaged they are still lovely.  I was particularly taken with the bridge and the junk. 
Japanese Junk visible in mural at Garrison Hall
 After the coolness of the partially demolished building, I decided I needed some sunlight and warmth and so went to Boiler Point which is a very pleasant walking track adjacent to the container terminal. 
The new (to me) sculpture made of steel (?) particularly appealed to me so I snapped this photo below.  I just noticed that they look like Easter Island figurines in profile.
Polyester Osti Dress
Above is me wearing my new Osti dress purchased at the old faithful St V de P for the princely sum of $4 yesterday lunch time.  This dress has an interesting point at the back of the collar and the sleeve cuffs also point upwards.  The fabric is not pleated - it just looks that way, and is very soft and silky.  I think I need to stand better when have my photo taken! 


  1. It is very pleasing to see from my chair views of your city. You are very pretty with that dress and I'm anxious to see the result of this new project, which is a wonderful fabric.

  2. Thankyou for linking up to my recycled fashion link up! Love your dress, but also really interested in seeing the end result of your $4 top; great fabric!

  3. The $4 top fabric is lovely. You are not mad for unpicking it at all. I love the murals. I read that they were done in 1892. It's amazing they survived, even if they are badly damaged.


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