Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ditzy Betty Boop type moment

Wearing my beloved blue dress today with black ballet flats and black opaques. Earlier I was wearing silver Rubber Ducky sneakers - which are good for walking - which seemed to make the whole look quirkier. That being said, I had a major Betty Boop incident at reception - doing the eyelashes thing and the cutesy wave as per below:

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Slightly grungy Thursday

I wish I looked like this:

The reality is, I feel like this:

Actually, I am wearing leggings, long ditzy - purples blue and green - print top which is kinda like a short dress, boring white long sleeved cotton knit top, and my blue-green boots.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Post Queens Birthday Post

Well, it has been a wet, cold and miserable Queens Birthday weekend. Alas I was sick for most of it, and most of last week. As a result I have nothing new to blog about in terms of purchases. I did pick up the knitting needles again, and have finished one fingerless glove! It was too cold to sit in the sunroom and work on Ema's top, or refashioning the "Made in China" top, or fix up the loosened curls on the A-may-zing coat.

As it happens, when I was finally feeling better I went out to Port Chalmers to get groceries and decided to call in to Box of Birds which is now located on corner of main street, near port entrance. It was bitterly cold and miserable - the shop was a real treasure trove of items, including some awesome coats and furs, but it was very cold inside, and therefore I did not feel inclined to linger. To my delight as I was leaving I saw Ema, with her mother. She was trying on an awesome pair of denim boots.