Saturday, May 26, 2012

A very, very rare bird

This afternoon I had the privilege of seeing a very very rare bird: a Takahe.  My family went to the Orokonui EcoSanctuary to see the two Takahe.  The birds are flightless and were presumed extinct until re-discovered in 1948!!!  Now there are about 72 left and the two at the ecosanctuary are both males who have not been successful in expanding the population.  I felt very lucky to be able to be so close to such a rare bird.  One was much more shy and hesitant and barely visible.  The other paced up and down the fenceline as if he was wanting to know what was on the other side.  Alas, they could not be released into the sanctuary today as planned, as they were considered too stressed.  When they are released, literally the gates to their enclosure will be opened and they will be allowed to just walk out.

Seeing such a rare creature reinforces how much protection is needed for our environment.   Without intervention Takahe would become extinct.  I am really glad that me and my family are supporting the ecosanctuary.

On the thrifting, op-shopping and vintage front I have had a relatively quiet week.  I have made three Trademe purchases recently and felt that I could not justify spending more on clothes.  When I passed by the Presbyterian Support Shop my eye was drawn to a 1970s Golden Hands pattern book which I will show you later, and in the 50 cent basket at the counter a gypsy style necklace with a broken (but easily fixed) clasp.

Due to not getting home until dark I have no "outfit photos" except for my Frock on Friday outfit:

A homemade polyester dress found at the Butterflies hospice shop - I forget how much I paid for it, but it was less than $10.  Normally I wear it with a belt, but this time I teamed it up with a JayJays denim waistcoat.  I put on my Bambi necklace and noticed that the bright blue eye really contrasted with the brown shades in the dress, so I added a turquoise necklace and also a  bangle in a similar colour.  I work in a centrally heated office and any more layers would be too hot.

However, going outside is a different matter: traditionally on a Friday lunchtime I meet up with my best friend and we go for a "mooch" around the shops.  Here I am with a cool whale tale sculpture - I wore a grey cardigan and my crimplene coat when I was out and about which provided the necessary warmth.

Yes, I did make it to the 24 hour book sale.  I watched On the Waterfront earlier in the week and now have my first crush on Marlon Brando.  I was hoping I might find his biography, or maybe Elizabeth Taylor, or if I was lucky Cary Grant.  Alas the biography section was populated by people who had no concept of personal space or decent manners.  I could not get a decent look at any of the titles.  So I went downstairs to the basement, where the pickings were much richer - and this is where I found the following:
Denim: from cowboys to catwalks.  A visual history of the world's most legendary fabric ($4) - lots of fabulous photos showing garment evolution and also the links to culture, rock and roll and movies.
Stars of the Screen: Photographs from the Kobal Collection ($4) - the cover is a shot of Elizabeth Taylor and Paul Newman from Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and I swear there is practically steam coming off the pages.  Plenty of costume inspiration here, and also a reminder that I need to watch more classic movies.  My daughter got a haul of spooky ghost stories and a copy of The Hound of the Baskervilles.

At the book sale it is expected that you will see at least a couple of people you know, and to my delight I did and therefore it was a very socialable event.  We both wore our new berets which I have finished. Below is hers as a work in progress.  Mine is a bluey/green colour.  I had to do mine three times to get it right!!!

Following on from the book sale I decided to broader her horizons and introduced her to the world's greatest detective: the new version of Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey Jnr).  At her age I was introduced to the world's greatest spy: James Bond.  She is entranced.  Personally, I am torn between RD Jnr, and the delicious but flawed Bernard Cummerbatch, who portrays Holmes in the more adult version.

Anyway, here I am on a Sunday night feeling like I have had a good break from work.  There's a mound of washing as high as Everest to be sorted, a dress to be hemmed and more knitting to do.  Tomorrow its back to work and I am already wondering what combination of colours I can surprise my colleagues with!!

Hope you all have had a good weekend,

take care xx


  1. Wow - I am quiet jealous you got to see a Takehe! I love our native birds, they are truly something special.

  2. How cool to see a Takehe! I LOVE spotting Kia's as well. Even the good old Pukeko gets me excited. Lovely frock, but I really like that blue coat. I'll bet you have a nice selection of coats & jackets. Xx

  3. Ooh how marvellous you got to see that beautiful rare bird! I would love to see all of NZ's parrots. I hope they have great success with the breeding programs.

    Shame about the book customers - aren't people awful??? You look gorgeous in that lovely frock - isn't blue the perfect colour to brighten up dull old brown?

    Sarah xxx

    PS If you would remove the awful Word Verification from comments, I will send you a) my first born, b) ten million dollars, and/or c) a lovely little bundle of vintage knitting patterns and a great big hug!

    1. awful word verification is no more, sorry I thought I had removed it ages ago.

  4. Oooh, I love that formica tabletop I spy under your beret... The fact that you are making a beret is brilliant. And the turquoise necklace with the denim vest are perfect for your frockin' Friday. I am sad about the disappearing birds. Sometimes I'm amazed that any wildlife is left at all, or that we haven't figured out how to tax it or sell it real estate.

  5. That bird is so cute! Thanks for taking a photo of him and sharing it with us.
    I like your frock that you got from Butterflies. We have a hospice thrift shop here called "Flutterbuys" And they have butterflies all over their sign.
    Good to hear you had a great weekend.

  6. YaY! I'm number 51! Your kitties are so pretty! and I like your boho friday look :)

  7. Loving that rare bird, how lucky to get to see him and I'm glad you shared him with us.
    The denim waistcoat and turquoise jewellery is fabulous with your frock and I'm loving the start of your beret.
    I only caught one of the BBC Sherlocks but Benedict Cumberbatch was brilliant.
    I agree with Sarah, please get rid of WV! xxx

    1. Thanks, I confess I took inspiration from you with the denim waistcoat!! Sherlock is well worth watching, I think I am addicted.

  8. Lovely frock, and look how you've Vixified it with a little denim waistcoat and turquoise necklace - perfect!
    It's so sad that so many wonderful species are close to extinction. I wonder how future generations will view us - planet destroyers, probably. Ooh, how cheery am I?! xxx

  9. Replies
    1. Thank you ;-) its a work in progress.


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