Friday, May 11, 2012

Some old favourites and some new items

Hi Everyone, this week I thought I would shock you   surprise you with a "day by day" series of photos.  Continuing with the semi-theme of wearing different combinations of clothes I decided that I "should" wear clothes which had been languishing in my wardrobe and not actually been worn.  With this noble thought in my mind I started my week wearing the Elizabeth Byrne cropped jacket which I had bought at the Hospice Butterflies shop months ago and never worn.

Monday: Here I am wearing it with the black long sleeved cotton tee shirt also from Butterflies ($2) and the refashioned denim skirt from Presbyterian Yellow Shop ($1).

The skirt is actually very dark blue but in the photo it looks black.  To accessorise I chose the oversize red belt, Hospice shop ($1), red tights (retail), bangles (all thrifted) and black ring which was a 40th Birthday present from my dear work colleague Sonya.

Red resin stretch bracelets from Savemart $3 each
Cream and gold bangle from Butterflies (it is stamped but its so tiny I can' read it) $2
Close up of red belt

My favourite black furry shoes from St V de P
Tuesday: I wanted a completely different look so I picked out the turquoise pleated skirt which I grabbed at the Port Chalmers School Fair for less than twenty cents.  I wanted to wear my new necklace from the Salvation Army ($4) and I thought this would look good contrasted on the Sonny Knitwear sweater ($2 from St V de P).  I like the effect of the white and turquoise but something was missing: a belt.  I am not exactly a tidy person and frequently things stay on the floor near my dressing table for a couple of days before I get around to putting them away.  My eye fell on the, red and turquoise go together!  I finished the look with black opaque tights and red shoes:

Grey cardigan worn over outfit as kitchen was  beeping cold when I was posing for this photo.

Wednesday: I wanted another contrast and I felt I needed to wear another item which had not yet been worn.  Uncharacteristically I even chose this outfit before I went to bed!!  Unfortunately, it does not photograph very well, but I can assure you its a cool dress.  I found this in a vintage shop in Oamaru which is located in the Victorian precinct.  I tried the dress on in the shop over the top of the dress I was wearing at the time and I thought "if it goes over my head and fits, then I am buying it."

Alas, I felt I had not found the "right time" to wear it.  So taking a leaf out of the books of many of the lovely bloggers I follow, I decided to wear it to work.  I mean, a black cocktail dress with gorgeous sequin detailing on the neckline and the sleeves is not going to be worn at a cocktail function, because I just don't go to any!!!!

Black polyester cocktail dress
Homemade and bought in Oamaru
A dress like this did not need many accessories other than a pair of tights and cute purple ballet flats. The sequin detailing around the neckline and the sleeve cuffs are an irridescent purple colour and I think the shoes picked that out nicely.  Ofcourse in my mustard yellow kitchen, under artificial lighting its a bit tricky to see this in detail, but I hope you get the general idea!

Ballet flats bought retail.
 I like to wear earrings every day and I found myself reaching for the pair pictured below which I recall were a Christmas gift from my parents in the 1980s.  I wonder, is something from the 1980s vintage??

Thursday: On Wednesday lunchtime I did a quick walk around the block (via the Hospice shop) and to my delight found a lovely pink/purple/blue paisley patterned Bonds dress. I love the colours and when I got home I gave it a wash and dried it carefully beside the fire.  Voila!  Here it is with the ubiquitous grey cardigan, purple opaque tights (not visible) and cream boots.  I love this dress - it was just the right warmth and very comfortable to wear.

Bonds dress $5 from Hospice Shop
Grey cardigan from Recycle Boutique $4.50
Blue agate pendant $5 Trademe
Bangles - various op shops.
Comfort was very important to me on Thursday because I had two very important meetings with my union members.  I wanted to feel confident and approachable and this outfit certainly helped.

Friday: following the great tradition of my fellow bloggers I decided to wear a frock - another previously unworn frock.  So I spent Thursday night carefully cutting 33cm off the bottom of two maxi dresses and then when I decided which one I would wear, I hemmed it.

Silly photo

More serious photo
This Pat Rogers maxi dress was $2 from Toffs.  Honestly readers, I felt like a million dollars wearing it.  Most of my dresses are not figure hugging, but this one fits like a glove :-) and it has a racy key hole neckline which gives the impression I have a bust.  Well, a bigger bust.

So, there you are, a day by day photo shoot.  Thanks to my very patient husband for taking the photos, and thanks to my darling daughter for letting me use her camera as mine had flat batteries.

I am planning a quick trip to Toffs and to Savemart in the weekend as I would like some new flannelette pj pants - the cold Dunedin weather is getting to me!  Also, I need to spend some time on my knitting project, which since you last saw it has been completed unpicked, re-done in a different pattern and unpicked again.  I think I have been too tired in the evening to see properly and that has made knitting more of a challenge.

All for now, hope you all have a great weekend, Penny-Rose xx


  1. Oh Yay for outfit posts! I like the crop jacket, but my favourite is the second outfit. I love the skirt on you & the colour is lovely. I really like the shape of the third frock, & I love the fabric of the fourth. It's the kind of style I'm always drawn to. And the final frock is so cool. I think it's so flattering when a dress fits so well. Love those wee earings too. I do think 80's kind of counts as vintage these days! Hope you have a lovely weekend. Xx

  2. Nice! My favourite would definitely have to be your furry shoes! It seems you have the op shop gods on your side with all those great scores! Ooo and I love that beautiful light blue pleated skirt too.

  3. There's some lovely outfits there! That turquoise pleated skirt is gorgeous on you, they are the in-thing with Brit hipsters here at the mo. That red dress is my favourite, you have a great figure and it really shows it off! x

  4. Oh the furry shoes are so cool!!!! You look lovely in the blue pleat skirt.
    Yay for fabulous finds.
    Love v

  5. yay a Friday Frock! Love that red one!


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