Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A little bit of this, and a little bit of that...

Hi everyone, hope you have all had a lovely weekend. Its the end of the Golden Weather here in Dunedin. By that I mean that the lovely sunny Autumn days have ended  \with a freezing cold southerly this week.

 I found myself not able to put fingers to the keyboard until tonight.  The main reason despite wearing new and challenging combinations of clothes I have not felt like being photographed as I have had a big flare up of rosacea which is an annoying skin condition.  Without photos to document my outfits I felt like I had little to offer this week.  So I have done a lot of reading and caught up on all the amazing projects my fellow bloggers have been posting about.  I feel very lucky to be among such talented people: special shout out to Girl from the Naki, SoPastCaringVintage Bird Girl, Max and Helga .

Since the beginning of last week we have had a painter at our house as we are getting the 10yo daughters' bedroom and the hallway painted and as a result our place is an absolute mess, with piles of clean linen and towels stacked neatly along the back of the couch, and all the furnitures from the bedroom in the sunroom, and all the coats and shoes which previously littered the hallway are crammed into every available nook and cranny.  There is a single and a queen size bed, two large chests of drawers and a small set of drawers all crammed in our bedroom.  It is very cosy.  Well, that's one way of describing it!

Saturday was warm enough to wear a dress and jacket when me and my family attended the Workers Memorial service at Market Reserve.  I found it very moving listening to the names of all the workers who have died.  I took some old bedspreads and two sleeping bags over to the Salvation Army afterwards as it is directly across the road.  I really like the new store, it is very open and light.  The only down side is that one wall is all window and it gets very very hot!!!!  Anyway, to my delight I scored a few novels - including a newish Jeffry Archer for me, and Jurassic Park for 10yo daughter and and a  chunky resin necklace in a nice turquoise colour.  It is quite probably a modern piece, MIC, but I like it.

In the afternoon I made another 4 litres of carrot soup from the carrots we grew in our vege garden.  Some of them were obscenely large (haha) and not suitable for much other than soup.  I also did the daughterly thing and visited my parents.

On Sunday morning we braved the gusty wind and went out to Aramoana for an invigorating walk along the mole.  It was very dramatic and I did take photos, but have not yet uploaded them to the computer.  Late on Sunday afternoon I decided that I wanted to watch something fun: so I chose Hairspray (the 2007 version with John Travolta).  I love this movie - it really speaks to me about standing up for what you believe in and the songs get my feet tapping and the costumes are ........ahhhhhhhh fabulous.

Although I could find quite a few great photos on the internet, its the dress Tracey wears at the end of the movie which I love the most - its black and white and very mod.

The 1950s dresses with circle skirts and cardigans are so cute.

Today I dodged the rain and bitter southerly wind to make a quick trip to the Hospice Butterflies shop.  I called in last week and found a cute bangle and sure enough I found another one today.  At $2 or less each it is a great way to accessorise, and although bangles do get in the way when I am typing, its worth it!  One thing I have noticed is that now I have quite a few bangles I am having problems finding them in my drawer - they always look messy.  So, I decided that I should try and find some way of displaying them.....and if I found a mug tree then I would get one.  I had a chrome one for years, but got rid of it.  To my delight there was one at the Butterflies shop today, for the princely sum of $2.  So, when I got home from work I spent a very satisfying few minutes arranging my bangles on the tree.  I will take a photo when the bedroom is in a better state and show you what it looks like.

Hope you are all having a good week :-)


  1. Thanks for the shout out my dear! I love working out new ways to store my jewellery collection. Looking forward to seeing your bangle tree. You shouldn't worry about taking photos with dodgy skin...just take long shots instead of close ups & I'm sure we would be non the wiser! Xx

  2. I think you blog when you feel like it, there's no pressure. We will all still be here when you are ready! Thanks for the mention, that's kind of you.
    Life sounds busy and full of nice little bits and pieces - lots of charity shops here display jewellery on mug trees, it's a great idea. Vix once posted a wonderful storage/display idea of an old gilt picture frame hung on the wall with lots of hooks in the middle for jewellery, it looked amazing. Mine are in a selection of boxes... and piled on top too, such a mess! xxx

  3. Oh, I do hope your rosacea clears up soon - my cousin had very good results from a couple of laser treatments. Good luck with all of your house organising/nesting... and I love the Hairspray frocks too - every single one of them!

    Sarah xxx

    PS Darling, I will pay you twenty mmillion, three hundred and forty two thousand, nine hundred and sixty four dollars and twenty three cents if you remove the dreaded Word Verification from comments - it's an absolute shit to use and I promise you won't get spam without it! xxx

  4. Great post darling. Those dresses are so inspiring!



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