Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Patterns, Sewing Book and Stitchcraft magazines, purchased from Awesome Dunedin Fabric Sale

I love the clean lines of this pattern and the curved panel on the front would look amazing in a contrasting fabric!
Long and short sleeved mini dresses -

I seem to have a "thing" for waistcoats at present and notice that the pattern on the right gives the appearance of a waistcoat.  Just realised this is a very very long caption!

Love the collars on these!

I confess I bought some of these patterns just because I like the pictures, not because I am going to use them!  I love the orange and browns of 7795, but I know the shape (or lack of) would be a problem for me, so I won't be using this pattern. 

This dates from the late 1960s - I have a later edition from the 1970s as well.

Dark orange skirt with metal belt and coin attached. 

More orange and more metal jewellry

two very different designs

These designs are so different - the one on the left has a clearly defined waist, structured bodice and long sleeves.  The one on the right is almost shapeless.  But the fabric, oh the fabric....

Love the detail of the contrast collar and bow on the left, and buttons and bodice on the right.  Plus the concealed pockets!

Scallops and trims

Another example of orange and brown colouring.   The smooth lines of the scallops really contrasts with the ruffled front on the blouse!

Variations in patterns - big bright bold and very eyecatching

An unsed pattern for stretch fabric. Raglan sleeves look good on me as I have large shoulders.  I have learnt that kimono sleeves do not flatter me at all. 

This vision of yellow loveliness really grabbed my attention. 

Dear H who is cricket mad would love a sweater like this. 

Dear D would probably scream and run a mile if I suggested I made this for her.  She likes skinny black jeans and tee shirts.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Treasures from the Presbyterian Support Fabric Sale on June 18th 2011

Burns Hall, situated in the grounds of First Church, Moray Place Dunedin 

Hordes of happy fabric lovers

Amazing light peach/pink trevira type fabric cut and sewn into a skirt panel (photo by Lucy Gray)

Fabulous striped polyester - enough to make a short sleeved top (photo by Lucy Gray)

Cotton cafe curtain with fruit - about 2 meters - sufficient to make a ra-ra skirt for Dear D (photo by Lucy Gray)

Outrageous plaid fabric - now made into a wrap around knee length skirt (you know who took the photo)

Beautiful oriental print cotton blend fabric - perhaps enough to make a top

Fine cotton print from 1970s - 1.5m x 50cm - another skirt for Dear D

Groovy Baby floral print cotton from 1970s - small scraps only

Matching buckles from 1970s

Floral polyester - fat quarter size - to be used for decoration

Printed terry from 1970s - psychedelic baby!
Terry cloth in pink - planning to make some shorts for summer with these two pieces

Very dense woven wool suiting fabric - 1.5m x 50 cm - winter skirt??

Italian ribbon - suitable for gift wrapping rather than sewing

Shocking cerise polyester - fat quarter size
Awesome textured polyester - fat quarter size

Plaid cotton blend from 1970s - fat quarter size

Bold blue and red plaid linen blend suiting from 1970s

Polyester - apricot/orange/pink colour in reality - cut into shape of front or back dress sz 18
In addition to these gorgeous colours, I found a large piece of cotton blend white fabric - enough to make a short sleeved top, the bottom (skirt) section of a large crimplene dress in a lovely teal blue, and a tiny skirt, size 10 label Jennie Fashions in white cotton with a boat pattern which is so crumpled and creased it was not possible to photograph.  These items all fitted into two supermarket bags and were in the "scraps" and "remnants" section of the sale, and the original price was $1.00 NZ a bag.  At 1.30pm the organiser called out to all shoppers "Everything half price from now on....." So, dear reader, this lot cost me 75 cents!  The buckles and roll of ribbon were 50 cents each.  Did I get a good deal or what?????

Refashion Co-op: Book Giveaway!

Refashion Co-op: Book Giveaway!

This looks like a fabulous book - certainly one I would enjoy reading - and it is available as a giveaway from the awesome Refashion Co-op blog which I follow religiously.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Vivienne Westwood Debuts Upcycled Bags for Ethical Fashion Africa (Video) | Ecouterre

Vivienne Westwood Debuts Upcycled Bags for Ethical Fashion Africa (Video) | Ecouterre
Check out this article on Ecouterre!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Peace, calm and tranquility following impulsive re-fashion

Boatsheds, Port Chalmers (taken from Boiler Point by Lucy Gray)
Dear Readers, have you ever sewn anything, or refashioned something using only scissors, and then taken a step back, looked very critically and thought to your self, "that was impulsive", or "oh ^%$!" or "well now its ruined/a size smaller/ a mini dress"????

This morning I put on my red polyester dress and I looked down at myself and I thought several things:
1. this dress is too long, 2. this dress is too big for me and 3. this dress does not flatter me.  Before the voice of reason could interrupt this negative thought process I had scampered through to the lounge (in my tights and underclothes) to get my sewing scissors.  I held the dress against me and calculated where it needed to be cut, then lay it flat on the bed and following the geometric pattern I cut all the way across the bottom of the dress.   Such a simple act seemed so liberating.  I put the dress back on.  I carefully tied a belt around my waist.....What seemed liberating one minute became hilariously impulsive the next. The dress when gathered in at the waist (its a size 20 and I am a 14-16) then took on the appearance of a sack tied in the middle and the hemline shot upwards by about another 4 inches.  Yes, I made myself a mini dress.  Not intentionally of course.  I said a few silent bad words (not wanting to financially contribute to the "swear jar" in the kitchen) folded the dress and the offending bottom section into a small parcel and hid in my bottom drawer, retrieved my beloved Miss Jennie, put it on and came to work thinking of calm waters just like the scene above. 

Miss Jennie dress $1 (photo by Lucy Gray)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Search on for fabulous fabrics at fundraiser | Otago Daily Times Online News Keep Up to Date Local, National New Zealand & International News

Search on for fabulous fabrics at fundraiser | Otago Daily Times Online News Keep Up to Date Local, National New Zealand & International News

Dearest readers, hope you all had a lovely weekend. I will be away from my office on Wednesday and Friday as I will be taking part in the bargaining for my employment agreement on behalf of PSA which is the union I belong to. As a result of being away from my office, I may not get time to upload my photos from the Fabric Sale. Above is the link to the article in the local newspaper. Suffice to say, I had a fantastic time at the sale and bought lots of lovely things. One piece of fabric has already been converted into a wrap-around skirt which I am wearing today. More later!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Presbyterian Support Fabric Sale

Tomorrow is the famous Presbyterian Support Fabric Sale in Burns Hall.  I have never been before but heard so much about this event and am really looking forward to it.https://otago.ps.org.nz/events 


This an annual sale of all the fabric, laces, buttons, zips, wool, trims etc that we get donated to us for fund-raisng. It's hugely popular with people queuing at the doors of Burns Hall in the grounds of First Church, Dunedin, well before the 11am opening time. Sewing and knittings patterns, and table linen are also for sale. Please bring you own bags.Fabric Sale - 11am - 2pm on Saturday 18 June 2011, Burns Hall, First Church, Dunedin.

 I will be taking my camera so I can photograph the event, and I am limiting myself to $20 spending.  The reason for this is that I am running out of storage space in the "sun room" and may have to consider other options....may like this!

Containers at Port Chalmers (photo taken from Boiler Point, by Lucy Gray)
Last night I spent nearly half an hour trying to take photos of the amazing moon rising above the harbour.  It was a lovely yellow gold colour due to the recent eclipse.  Did any of you see it?

Our southern skies are also clouded with dust from the Chilean Volcanic eruptions and as a result the boss is still not back in the office.  Colleagues and friends in Christchurch are recovering from the earthquakes earlier this week, and for some it is all becoming too much. I would therefore like to end my post with something that makes me smile (when I am at work) and it is this charming bambi figurine which sits on my desk.  I love the innocent big eyes and the happy smile, the jaunty tail, the slightly retro kitschy look.  I can almost hear the bell around his/her neck ringing.  Carefully packed away in shredded paper I have about twenty other Bambi's, but this one has always lived on my desk. 

Bambi figurine $7 (photo by Lucy Gray)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Tuesday Musings and Port Chalmers Garrison Hall

 Sorry about the creases, but look at the lovely fabric used to make a very simple top which I scored from the St V de P last week for $4.  The colour is very unusual too.  I am removing the sleeves as I need to enlarge the armhole in order to comfortably wear it.  I noticed that there are French seams and the shoulders have a bit like the yoke from a shirt but only on the shoulders, and there is fabric gathered there, which means, if I have the patience to unpick the shoulder, more fabric is available to use.  Am I mad for unpicking a $4 top? 

Bridge in Japanese Garden just visible in mural.

Scratched into the cement of the main door step
 These two photos were taken at Garrison Hall which is the main street of Port Chalmers.  The hall is being demolished and during this process two large murals were discovered and have been commented on in various media.  I decided that I wanted to see the murals for myself and although they are badly damaged they are still lovely.  I was particularly taken with the bridge and the junk. 
Japanese Junk visible in mural at Garrison Hall
 After the coolness of the partially demolished building, I decided I needed some sunlight and warmth and so went to Boiler Point which is a very pleasant walking track adjacent to the container terminal. 
The new (to me) sculpture made of steel (?) particularly appealed to me so I snapped this photo below.  I just noticed that they look like Easter Island figurines in profile.
Polyester Osti Dress
Above is me wearing my new Osti dress purchased at the old faithful St V de P for the princely sum of $4 yesterday lunch time.  This dress has an interesting point at the back of the collar and the sleeve cuffs also point upwards.  The fabric is not pleated - it just looks that way, and is very soft and silky.  I think I need to stand better when have my photo taken!