Monday, June 20, 2011

Peace, calm and tranquility following impulsive re-fashion

Boatsheds, Port Chalmers (taken from Boiler Point by Lucy Gray)
Dear Readers, have you ever sewn anything, or refashioned something using only scissors, and then taken a step back, looked very critically and thought to your self, "that was impulsive", or "oh ^%$!" or "well now its ruined/a size smaller/ a mini dress"????

This morning I put on my red polyester dress and I looked down at myself and I thought several things:
1. this dress is too long, 2. this dress is too big for me and 3. this dress does not flatter me.  Before the voice of reason could interrupt this negative thought process I had scampered through to the lounge (in my tights and underclothes) to get my sewing scissors.  I held the dress against me and calculated where it needed to be cut, then lay it flat on the bed and following the geometric pattern I cut all the way across the bottom of the dress.   Such a simple act seemed so liberating.  I put the dress back on.  I carefully tied a belt around my waist.....What seemed liberating one minute became hilariously impulsive the next. The dress when gathered in at the waist (its a size 20 and I am a 14-16) then took on the appearance of a sack tied in the middle and the hemline shot upwards by about another 4 inches.  Yes, I made myself a mini dress.  Not intentionally of course.  I said a few silent bad words (not wanting to financially contribute to the "swear jar" in the kitchen) folded the dress and the offending bottom section into a small parcel and hid in my bottom drawer, retrieved my beloved Miss Jennie, put it on and came to work thinking of calm waters just like the scene above. 

Miss Jennie dress $1 (photo by Lucy Gray)

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