Friday, June 21, 2013

A week in retrospect

Hold on to your hats.....I have not one, not two, not three, not four but FIVE outfit posts to show you!  It has been really wintery weather during the day and in the evenings I have curled up by the fire and watched tv or read.  Hence I have taken photos every night this week, but not I had not got around to organising them for posting.  So without further ado:

Vintage Bonds dress (Hospice Shop) with thrifted green belt and bracelets and a navy Glengyle cardigan (Toffs) to keep me warm!!!  My tights were a lovely shade of purple too - sadly the colour does not translate well in the photo.


Outfit number two is a refashioned vintage maxi (Toffs) worn with thrifted cardigan (Hospice Shop) and bracelets.  I double bagged on Tuesday, in the top right photo you can just see my handbag (which is navy) and my new beaded bag.  I bought the bag on Trademe (online auction)  last week but only got around to collecting it in the weekend.  Please ignore the kitchen mess in the background. 

Wednesday was a day when I had a big meeting so I wore my "tick tock" socks which I bought from Sock Dreams.  The boucle skirt was $1 from the Presbyterian Support Shop, the striped blouse with ruffles and big cuffs came from Savemart and the Tekau vest a Trademe score.  The little rabbit necklace was a retail confession of $2 at one of the main street stores. 


Yesterday I wanted to wear a bright pink blouse given to me by a work colleague.  With pink tights I think it goes quite nicely with the vintage woollen pinafore (which has shades of blue and grey and pinky-purpley colours).  The pink dove brooch was a purchase from the delightful Two Squirrels when I visited them in Lawrence and the owl ring was another retail confession of the $2 kind.  I seem to have found a lot of retail jewellry on sale at ridiculously low prices recently.

Finally, I have today's visual symphony - green and gold and blue and black - a maxi dress from Toffs which I cut shorter.  I teamed this dress with the lurex mustard yellow cardigan which some of my readers covet.  Alas, when we got home it was just not warm enough to show you the whole dress but the top part is quite plain.  The pattern is just amazing and neither photo really does it justice.  The blue flowers are really bright and the gold yellow leaves are too.  I doubled up on the leg wear and got quite a lot of comments - neon yellow tights from a main street store at 75% off with supermarket brand lace tights over the top.  My chemistry beaker earrings were branded Zombie and again only $2 from a retail store.  

I hope you all enjoyed this weeks colours and outfits, off now for a hot drink and to settle down to a quiet night with family.



  1. Penny-Rose, I adore every single outfit ... I wish I was a work colleague so I could get up close and personal with your daily inspirations. I don't think I would ever stop bothering you! Your shortened maxis are divoooooon, pink blouse, clock socks, purple vest, beaded bag (wooohooooo for double-bagging!!), so many amazing colours and prints. Thank you so much for sharing, you've given me a good kick up the arse and for that you get an arse-squeeze. xoxo

  2. Love the tick tock stockings, and what a great idea to layer lace stockings over brights - I never thought of that! But will be trying it! Thanks for bringing some brightness to the winter days!

  3. Yay a week of fabulousness........ The second dress is amazing, just love the pattern......perfect to brighten a cold winters day.
    Tick tick socks are truly the beat thing ever!!!!,
    Stay warm and have a fun filled weekend.
    Love V

  4. Love that second dress on you, the shape and the colour look so good!
    Have a fab weekend and stay warm! x

  5. You are pure inspiration ... I would be happy if you work with every day ... waiting to see what outfit to bring today for my enjoyment. Absolutely love all these looks!! Magnificent!

  6. Well you have spoilt us with 5 outfit posts! I love the first frock with your green accessories. My eye is always drawn to the refashioned maxi in orange & black. And I do love the beaded bag too. The pink bird brooch from the Squirrels is divine, they sell for a bomb over here. I really like the last outfit too. The colours work so well together, & I like your double tight action. I hope your managing to keep warm this weekend! Xx

  7. So nice to find you! Gorgeous outfits and the accessories are lovely! I love the last one - I have a thing for yellow cardies at the moment!

  8. Gorgeous, all of them! I have a special weakness for No. 2 and your tights combo in the last one is brilliant. Double bagging is such a treat.

  9. So many great dresses! I am loving the final outfit the best, I think, and I am another fan of the double tights thing! xxx

  10. Ooh, the purple vest! I love it! And it goes so well with the tick tock socks which are brilliant. The layered tights in the last outfit are my favourite, I have to try that out.

  11. My fave is outfit #2. That beaded bag is stunning and the print of the dress is so much fun. I like your combinations of colors and textures. I've got to try that double tights trick!


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