Monday, July 1, 2013

Visible Monday and a few other things

Hi Everyone, its Monday night and I am trying to get my post ready so I can be part of Patti's Visible Monday.   I see that Patti's #103 post is "I am wearing the pants".  By complete coincidence, today I am wearing pants too!

Yes, today I decided to wear pants.  In the main photo the colour is a bit wrong and its blurry but I don't care because I really like this outfit.  

The black pants have a side zip opening which I find more flattering as it sits nicer than a front zip.  The legs are slightly narrowed to the ankle and then there is a tie.  I wore bright pink and yellow polka dotted socks for a splash of lower leg colour!  The blouse is actually orange and a vintage one I found in the hospice shop.  The jacket is Elizabeth Byrne (also from Hospice Shop) and has a cute sailboat pattern.  

I seem to be wearing red quite a lot.  Last week I wore what I call my 'volcano dress' with grey to represent the ash and red tights for lava.  My furry black shoes are like basalt.  I must have been on fire at work that day.  

Recently we have had lots of amazing weather and a huge moon:

I was so cold one day last week I bought a pair of earmuffs - wow, they kept my ears toasty and warm:
Vintage home-nade polyester dress, Hospice Shop
Vintage Glengyle cardigan, Toffs $2
Mother of pearl Brooch, stall at Art Deco fair $2
Boots, tights and earmuffs all retail
I have rekindled my passion for vintage jackets - here is one made by Canterbury (now famous for sportswear): 

Vintage Canterbury polyester jacket, Trademe
Boucle skirt, Presbyterian Support
Boots, SaveMart
Tights and giant pearls (below) both retail

To my delight I won a $1 auction on Trademe for 3 jackets, so even with postage they were a bargain.  Gratuitous tag porn included below:

The pattern on the Kendell one (bottom right) is the most outrageous lurex paisley and floral I have ever seen (detail top left).  The collar is HUGE.  The greeny-blue crimplene one (top right) came with a cute red and green brooch - the trader got a special thank you for the trade.  The Kit Parader one in the bottom left is a gorgeous colour that reminds me of the teal blue on ducks feathers.  It is 50/50 acrylic and wool.  All three are destined for a good wash and then a dry on the line in the weekend.  There is only one problem - there is no more room in my wardrobe :-(  I will have to ask my 11yo daughter nicely if I can store some of my clothes in hers!!

So there I am, in pants, on Visible Monday.  Hope you all have a great week,


  1. 3 Jackets for a buck +pp?!!! Bargain... They look awesome.. Looking forward to seeing them in more detail!

    Love the second dress and the ear muffs!!!

  2. Oooooooh that shiny Kendall jacket is utterly fabulous and I can't wait to see you wearing it! Oh dear ... like me, you've now crossed the line and busted out of your wardrobe. Welcome to hell darling ;) xoxo

  3. Oh the pink blouse is amazing.......
    What a great buy the 3 jackets were, fabulous bargain.
    Have a wonderful week.
    Love v

  4. Crikey! It's a Feast of Frockage!
    I'm loving frocks 2 and 3, and that jacket in pic 1!
    Can't bielive you had such a great score on Trade Me! That's a mighty fine selection of jackets! XXXXXXX

  5. So much vintage fabulous senses here! Love the volcano dress and three vint jackets. Thanks for sharing all the fun with Vis Monday.

  6. That should read "vintage fabulous-ness." : )

  7. Great outfits. I love your polka dot socks. The seahorse brooch is fabulous too.

  8. Hehe, tag porn. Really love the volcano dress, and the name! And the giant pearls are fantastic.

  9. I'm rather partial to both frocks with the cardigans, & your latest jackets look fab! I would be in so much trouble if I lived in NZ....jackets would most certainly be a major weakness, but they do take up so much room! Xx

  10. That lurex jacket looks fab - that'll keep you warm and fabulous for the rest of the season! The yacht print crop top is adorable and I love the shell seahorse brooch, too! x

  11. So much to see and enjoy ... you're on a roll, kiddo. Love the red and I completely agree that side zips are often so much better! Enjoy your week ... and keep up the great stuff.

  12. Love that volcano dress, and what a great haul of jackets! Perfect to show off a vintage brooch or two - that seahorse is adorable! xxxx

  13. Thank you so much for your kind comment, Penny-Rose. You've tremendous style - I love your frocks and jackets and accessories!

  14. I am in love with that orange ring in your first photos!
    Looks like you scored some great things

  15. Penny-Rose, I love the mother of pearl brooch, and that outfit with the vintage jacket and boots looks awesome! The lava dress is too cool! Maybe I need to dress in lava on the days that I am feeling like I don't want to work!!



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