Thursday, July 18, 2013

Is that outfit fur real?

Following on from my last post I have to share news of a new fake fur coat which I scored at my all-time-favourite op shop - the Hospice Shop on Hanover Street.  

It was hanging up with other coats and I immediately wanted to snuggle it - sure enough it is lovely and soft.  To my amazement it was priced at $5.  Surely, it was a mistake, so I asked the lovely lady at the counter to have a look at it for me and see if there were any major flaws (cigarette burns, huge tears etc). Nope.  Nothing wrong with it, so I knew it was coat-karma!!

Vintage Osti Frock with Glengyle angora cardigan, thrifted beads and bracelets
Bow boots, purple tights and belt retail. 
 I have been busy at work this week covering for a colleague who is enjoying time off with her two little boys during week one of the school holidays.  I am off next week and she will be covering a bit for me.  

Anyway I have tried to incorporate some changes to my wardrobe this week, and that means tidying it up as well as wearing things I have not worn for a long time.  I hadn't worn the vintage Canterbury Knitwear vest for ages and it was close to being considered for the vintage stall that I have not got around to organising (ie too good to be just given away).  Here is is:

Velvet rose skirt and striped shirt both from Toffs $2 each,
Vintage Canterbury vest from St V de P
cute rose brooch from Trademe
Today I thumbed my nose at the silly rule of not wearing white after Queens Birthday weekend (or whatever silly rule I read in equally silly fashion mag while at hairdressers the other day).  When I was at Paperbag Princess grovelling around on the floor looking for the right shoe to go with the left one I found I liked and fitted me, I also chanced upon  a vision of creamy lovely polyester loveliness which begged me to buy it, wash it and wear it.  Today's outfit was inspired by creme caramel, jersey caramels and other creamy caramely gooeyness.  I layered a cream dress with cream tights, caramel boots, cream and gold adornments and topped it all off with the chocolatey caramelly fur coat:

Vintage Kenwood Polyester dress and vintage cream and gold choker
both $2 each Paperbag Princess sale
Caramel boots from Restore
cream and gold bracelets various op shops
gratuitous label shot from inside of new furry coat
close up of boobage (enhanced by new booster bra LOL)
 So to round off I thought I would show you a couple of photos of the new Hospice Shop in Jetty Street which I visited last weekend. It was a glorious sunny day which started out all frosty like icing had been poured over the world.  I spent a few hours in a union meeting and when I got out into the fresh air my feet just walked to the Hospice shop for a quick look around.  Nothing took my fancy (to buy) but the building on the opposite corner looked awesome so I snapped a shot of that instead. 
Hope you are all having a good week, tomorrow is Friday (thank goodness) and I'll be taking part in Frock on Friday.  
bye for now, 


  1. What a bargain with the fake fur, that'll keep you toasty warm - I've heard the weather's awful at the mo!
    Love the cream dress on you, so pretty. x

  2. The rose brooch is amazingly awesome. I love the second dress sooo much! Here, you're not supposed to wear white after Labor Day... I have no idea where that came from but I think that stopped being a fashion rule in the 80s. Isn't that weird? I'm going to declare that you shouldn't wear blue after Halloween. Why not??

  3. You look so snuggly in that fur coat. I can't quite imagine it being cold enough to wear! $5 is AMAZING!!! You look so fresh in the Kenwood frock. Hooray for another op shop to explore in Dunedin. I'm counting down the days till I hit them....Toffs here I come!!! Xx

  4. The faux fur is brilliant! Not that you need it, it's been a bit warmer this week.
    I have a black one which is the warmest coat in the world.

  5. $5?! Bloody hell, what an awesome score!!! That's one fabularse coat!
    I am LOVING that rosey brooch, and frock # 3....I really must get down to Dunedid again; I haven't been in ages, and I most especially haven't had a good opshop down there in YEARS! XXX

  6. Oh yes that is one truly wonderful coat.....$5 makes super wonderful.
    The cream 'Kenwood' dress is lovely and you look gorgeous in it.......I do like cream in winter.
    Have a great weekend and enjoy the holiday this week.
    Love v

  7. Five bucks!!!! That beautiful coat was destined to be yours! Hooraaaaaaaay!!!!! I also adore the velvet rose skirt:) xoxo

  8. That's a bargain price for a fabulous coat, bet it's super warm. Lovely frocks too, and the rose brooch is soooo pretty. Have a great weekend! xxxx


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