Sunday, July 21, 2013

Belated Frock on Friday...and a blogger meet up

Hi everyone, I am a little late posting for Frock on Friday but I am sure you don't mind.  I am learning to drive my new-to-me laptop and its a wee bit different to the Mac I have been using previously. 

On Friday, I felt like had spent all my energy working so I found it a bit tricky to wear something a bit different.  In the end I decided to wear a relatively plain black and white dress and brighten it with accessories:
black and white dress, Hospice Shop
turquoise wide belt Presbyterian Support
tights, shoes, hair flower and earrings all retail

On Saturday I had a blogger meet up with the lovely Indigo Violet. We went to Broad Bay China, which is on the other side of the harbour to where I live.  I had driven past the sign on the main road a few times but never actually been there. 

There was so much to look at I almost didn't know where to start!

Afterwards we went for a cup of tea at the Macandrew Bay cafe and looked out across the harbour - just beautiful

I had a really enjoyable afternoon - it was lovely meeting a like-minded blogger like Indigo Violet!


  1. How lovely to have a blogger meet up with Violet. As I commented on her blog, I would be scared I would break something in that shop, it's so packed full of stuff!
    Do I see a $40 sticker on that Hornsea squirrel vase? Blimey, I see those pretty often in charity shops here for a whole lot less than that! Love the tile in the cheese board (is it a cheese board?) and the views of the harbour are spectacular. xxxxx

  2. Wow, your photos show things I didn't even see, e.g. the cheese board - I would have bought that! And you've captured some of Sue's colour coordinated displays.
    Yes, $40 is a lot for the Hornsea squirrel vase, but those prices aren't uncommon. I suppose there is a lot more Hornsea pottery in dear old Blighty than here.
    Don't the harbour and sky look lovely and moody?
    That's a great outfit too.
    Let's meet up again soon!

  3. what a view! I love that place, we make a bee line for it when we are in your neck of the woods and have NEVER left empty handed! blogger meets are ace and I LOVE your tights!

  4. What a lovely combination of the black & white frock with some turquoise. I am rather taken by turquoise at the moment. I'll bet my mum would love that shop, we might just have to squeeze in a visit when we're over. I'm so glad you & Indigo Violet got to meet. Xx

  5. Neat photos, thanks for sharing.


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