Friday, July 12, 2013

Fur goodness sakes

Hi everyone, hope you have all been having a good week.  Thank you all for the lovely comments on my last post, they were much appreciated while I was recovering from the disgusting head cold.  However since then, I lost my blogging mojo a bit , so there was no Frock on Friday post from me last week.  To offer some kind of compensation I am going show you two FOF and a few things from this week.  

I have been yearning for a pair of those plastic booties with bows for ages.  So I bought a pair and I did not get struck down by lightning or anything (breaking my "buy nothing new" pledge): 

Orange paisley vintage dress - refashioned by me - with a thrifted Atmosphere cardigan, vintage necklace and bracelets.  The cream choker necklace was a lucky find at Paperbag Princess (previously Recycle Boutique) closing down sale - it was $2.  

This week I have taken a few photos - yeah, all in the same place in front of the back door with the key rack just sticking out of my head, or near enough!

Left: Osti dress with Glengyle cardigan, $2 each from Toffs.
Middle: Vintage velvet skirt, $2 Toffs with a black long sleeve top $2 from Hospice and a $1 waistcoat from Trademe.
Right: Red skirt Hospice shop $4, frilly shirt Savemart $8, vintage Glengyle cardigan from the St Vinnies.  

Here's some close-ups of the jewellery: 

The purple necklaces are both vintage and the red necklace and earrings are both retail purchases.  The earrings are made by a local artist.  

Today, was un-furgettable.  I wore my treasured Cordera coat.  The label says "wraps you in luxury" and I sure felt special wearing it.  

The coat belonged to my Husband's godmother and Aunty and I felt very special when I was given it.  I am wearing it with a vintage Osti dress, another Toffs $2 bargain and the grey Glengyle cardigan.  The necklace is one of those rainbow crystal ones, stamped made in Germany I think, which I found at the Hospice Shop.

I  had about 2 inches chopped off my hair earlier in the week and I think its looking a lot tidier!  

The weekend looks like it will be busy with a trade union meeting, washing and other domestic stuff.  Hope you all have a good one, 



  1. your hairs looking great! glenelg cardis are the best, i have quite a few!
    happy weekend x

  2. I love Glengyle, I snaffled one from the hospice shop the other day. Nice cream necklace, I couldn't stand the mess in that sale so I had to get out of there. I saw that very same waistcoat on Trade me and would have bought it if it was my size. Looking forward to meeting up and our field trip!

  3. I thought how lovely your hair was looking! Can't beat a good fake fur (although I'm glad to have a week or two of not wearing them!) xxx

  4. You had me worries when you missed last weeks FOF. I hope you've been okay? That orange paisley frock always makes me smile....isn't the print just so happy??? I love the osti dress with the black cardi, & the delicious fur coat over the pink osti. Your mauve beads are just like my collection of 'knuckle-bone' ones. Well that's what I call them. I was only thinking to myself how great your hair is looking too! I hope you have a lovely weekend. Sounds like it'll be a cold one there on Sunday! Xx

  5. it seems you have the best luck thrift shopping! I need to take you with me next time I go shopping... maybe you'll be my good luck charm!

  6. The orange paisley dress is wonderful. Oh my goodness I love that rose skirt.
    Fuzzy fur coats are always perfect at this time of the year....gosh it's been cold.
    Happy weekend.
    Love v

  7. Love that orange paisley print, and the velvet rose print skirt is a beauty.
    Can't beat a faux fur jacket, and yes, your hair is looking lovely!
    PS. Atmosphere is the Primark brand - do you have Primark shops in NZ? xxx

  8. Yep love the orange paisley and the rose skirt - gorgeous both and Osti - my fav!

  9. Such cuteness! I love those bow boots.


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