Thursday, July 25, 2013

Getting used to my new-to-me laptop...

Hi Everyone, hope you are all having a good week.  I am slowly getting used to my new-to-me PC laptop - I have been using the iMac but bought a reconditioned laptop via work for me to be able to blog, read, watch movies etc without having to sit at computer.  It was cheaper than a ipad too.  

First up I want to show you today's outfit.  The refashioned Indian hand embroidered skirt which I bought from Toffs a month or so back was worn for the first time today.  Being on holiday and the nice weather has meant I have had the time and the light to sew.  The skirt is made of quite thick cotton and it originally was around a size 20 on elastic.  So I carefully cut two panels (based on an existing skirt pattern).  Then added darts both front and back for shaping and put a zip in the side.  

Indian embroidered skirt, Toffs
Atmosphere cardigan, Hospice Shop 
Bow Booties and belt, retail
Turquoise beads, Hospice Shop
Purple vinyl bag, Savemart
Lust object in red seen in window of motorbike shop LOL

While I was out and about today I passed a motorbike shop with the cutest scooter in the window.  It matched my outfit perfectly.  To make more room in my wardrobe, I dropped off a huge bag of items at the Hospice Shop.  It seemed a pity not to have a look around while I was there and I scored a copy of My Cousin Rachel by Daphne du Maurier for 50 cents and the turquoise beads above for $2.

Later I went to Savemart and although there were some intriguing items nothing called out "Buy Me! Buy Me!" until I spotted, underneath a pile of made in china bought from mainstreet handbags something purple and vinyl.  Sure enough a seriously cool vinyl bag!!  It had my name on it.  Well not literally.  It was $4

As it happens this was my second bag purchase of the week.....

Yesterday it was beautiful and sunny so 11yo and I went to the Dinosaur park (so named because it has a slide shaped like a Brontosaurus, I am annoyed I did not take a photo of it as it is a Dunedin icon) for some scootering and some sunshine.  I sat and read Don't Look Now and Other Stories by Daphne du Maurier while she happily scootered around.  Anyway, afterwards I dragged her to the Salvation Army, Toffs and Shop on Carroll.  At Toffs she spied a cute Kangol hat with pom-poms to which she said, "Its so you Mum" and she was right, for $2 it was me to a T.  Then, at Shop on Carroll I saw under a pile of handbags ...something pink and made of raffia. 

Main Photo: Denim skirt, Toffs
Socks from Sock Dreams (yes they have knitting needles and balls of yarn on them)
Patent shoes, Mount Cook Line cabin bag, Toffs
Right top to bottom: Pink cardigan, Savemart with Fake turquoise necklace, Salvation Army
Kangol hat, Toffs
Pink crocheted raffia bag, Shop on Carroll

Without asking how much it was I said "I have to have that!"  It is in quite good condition, considering its raffia (or Swiss Straw) and this one is made in Japan.  How many crochet or knitted bags from raffia equal a collection?  I have two now, one in blue and one in pink.  I think something good is happening!!  

So, how do you get started on a collection??  

Bye for now, 


  1. I try not to collect anything, it's like a disease and the next thing I know I've got twenty of something (crocheted blankets, elephant statues, kewpie dolls etc), so I limit myself to one or two and keep it at that. I do have about 10 kewpies though...

  2. Love the vinyl bag you scored, I've not seen a purple one before. The skirt you altered is lovely, too. xxx

  3. I love that skirt! I also have to admit a love for scooters - that one is adorable. There is a baby pink one often parked near our apartment and I always say to Rich - look its my scooter and he looks back worried that one day I will actually buy a scooter!!

  4. three, three of anything makes (the start!) of a collection. Love the skirt and the, is it angora?, hat.

  5. the tall socks with the black tights is too cute! And that scooter looks like candy!

  6. I love the vinyl bag and the raffia one too. The embroidery on the skirt is lovely. I have a very similar Kangol hat but doesn't have pompoms.

  7. Oh so in love with the cream hat with pom poms..........what a wonderful find.
    What a wonderful week to have off and play in the op-shops.......I was in The shop on Carroll yesterday too......I found the most gorgeous wax flower headband. Yay.
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend.
    Love V. That was a lot of wonderful.........happiness.

  8. Great job on the skirt - I have a matching bag! I'm lusting after the scooter and matching raffia bag too. Good to hear the holiday's going well.


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