Friday, May 31, 2013

Frock on Friday and Diane Freis on Thursday

Hello, this is a genuine "Frock on Friday" post, because it's actually being posted on a Friday :-)
Polyester dress and bangles, thrifted
big pink fake flower, KMART
pink belt, tights and bling studded wrist band, retail
Leather embroidered boots and pink cardigan, Savemart
I love this dress - the silvery grey blue background and the pink leaf pattern with splashes of orangey-gold.  Its a generous size and needs a belt to give it waist definition.  The tights are too short in the leg (so I boldly cut the toes off at lunch time today to make myself more comfortable) and they are too short in the body bit as well.  I don't mind though because tights are an easy accessory to chop and change, so to speak.  

Yesterday, I wore a dress I have previously only worn in summer, but I teamed it up with a wool lurex cardi, tights and boots:

Vintage Diane Freis dress, Toffs $2
belt, beads and bangles, thrifted
coloured bracelets KMART
Boots, ReStore
vintage lurex cardigan, Trademe
Hat, retail
I liked this outfit so much I took extra photos to show you the details: 
detail of lurex cardigan and gold buttons
Vintage osti full slip hiding underneath
detail of hat - with pile of washing in the background!

I noticed that some Diane Freis dresses have been on Trademe (like ebay) recently for around $40NZ which makes me laugh because I only spent $2.  The dress is really well designed and made.  The fabric is a very good quality polyester which drapes beautifully.  You can see in the close up that the fabric is actually striped in maroon, purple, orange and a sort of yellow mustard colour.  There is a border print too which also features around the shirred waist and edges the neckline and ties.  I felt both elegant and kind of bohemian in this outfit.  

Phew, this week has been busy work-wise so I am looking forward to putting up my feet and reading my book tonight!  Hope you all had a wonderful Friday!


Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hello Everyone!
Thanks to all those who commented and "liked" the photo of me and the snowman on my Facebook page.  My Dear H and Dear D made a huge snowman in our back yard on Tuesday, sadly only a tiny amount of him remains today.

Hat, made it myself
Fun Fur collar, gift from friend
Vintage Goldcrest crimplene coat, St V de P
Boots from ReStore

I am a bit light on outfit photos this week so I am posting one I took late last week - it might have been Thursday or Friday I am not sure:
Red polyester dress with front buttons, Hospice Shop
Necklace, cardigan and leather jacket, thrifted
Belt, hat and scarf retail
Cat earrings and rabbit ring both retail
The next outfit is definitely a Saturday outfit - this is one of my first polyester shirt dresses, a Miss Jennie and its no longer suitable to wear to work due to the holes in the front.  It has a border print too which I love.  My hair was looking a bit unwashed so I shoved it in a sock bun and then tied a bandana around it, to keep it semi-tidy while I did chores around the house.  

Miss Jennie polyester dress from a Port Chalmers Fair
Grey cardigan and boots both thrifted
Bandana part of a fundraiser for child cancer
neon yellow tights, retail
white and yellow necklace from Salvation Army $2
This week has felt a bit disjointed because of the snow day on Tuesday - schools were closed and it was not safe or practical to walk to work in blizzard conditions -  and next week will be short as well due to Queens Birthday public holiday on Monday.  Alas the weather forecast is for showers so its unlikely I will be doing any tidying in the garden.  I hope I will have time to do some sewing (there is a pile of items to have waistbands attached and zips inserted) and I am reading the Cross Stitch series again (currently reading A breath of snow and ashes) and the wood shed is full of wood, so I know I will be warm and cosy.  What about you, have you got anything planned for the holiday weekend?

Bye for now, 

Friday, May 24, 2013

A bit of art, a bit of history and a red dress

Hi Everyone, I hope you have had a good week and a frocking good Friday.  I want to show you what I wore out to a dinner last week, as a kind of compensation for nothing to show for FoF today.  

I played around with the photo a bit on PicMonkey as it was taken in my very yellow kitchen under the horrid halogen lights - I think the colour is a pretty good representation: 

Vintage, home-made polyester maxi dress, $2 Toffs
worn with red obi, retail
Black necklace from Presbyterian Support
black earrings, retail
bangles all thrifted
 It was a lovely farewell dinner for a colleague.  I did my hair in a sock bun but none of the photos did it justice so you will just have to use your imagination.

Mentioning imagination leads into my next topic: art.  Specifically street art.  Dear H is totally against graffiti and tagging and considers it vandalism.  He was very patient with me last Sunday as I stood out in the pouring rain over the raging Leith river taking the photos below: 
On a grey, cold, wet Dunedin day these images adorning the concrete flood protection barriers along the Leith were a welcome splash of colour and vitality.  

We were on our way to visit the newly renovated Otago Settlers Museum which showcases the history of the region and its called Toitu which means treasure in Maori.   I loved the modern sculptures of horses pulling a wagon (so much cooler than the traditional "pretend horse"), and there was a lovely costume and clothing display.  There was a top hat, jacket and crinoline to try on (possibly not all together) from the Victorian times and a great selection of home appliances from the 1940s through the 1970s.  Below is a selection of my favourite things:
Treasures from Toitu
Top Left: modern steel horses pull a wagon, chinese costumes, an iconic neon sign
Middle row: Lung protector medicine, iconic Humpty Dumpty from NZ Play School, Tiger Tea bus
Bottom Left: Advertising from the School Dental Clinics (now defunct thanks to the govt)
Child's tin tea set with cute pictures, posters advertising NZ bands in Dunedin pubs.

It was the best place to be on a wet Sunday afternoon.  One of my favourite displays in an amazing retro caravan and the art deco entrance hall:

Me outside the vintage caravan in thrifted boots, jacket, skirt
retail hat and scarf
Vintage Mount Cook Airline bag, Toffs $2
Bottom right: interior of the caravan *sigh*
Top right: art deco motifs in the foyer
When I first came to Dunedin as a student I used to go home to Invercargill on the bus and part of the museum used to be the New Zealand Railways bus station.  I remember buying my ticket and waiting in the art deco foyer.  Mentioning travelling, I just found a cabin bag like mine for $45 on ebay - outrageous!!  

So there you go, a bit of art, a bit of history about Otago and a bit about me, and a red dress :-)


Monday, May 20, 2013

I have the King holding me tight around the waist!

Purple refashioned 1970s dress now a skirt, $2 Toffs
Vintage Made in New Zealand Christina Vogue Lurex shirt,
Presbyterian Support $4
Elvis Obi Belt - made by me
Furry Shoes, St V de P
Hello, just a quickie from me tonight - I am just so determined to take part in Patti's Visible Monday and actually post a photo of a Monday outfit.  
by for now, 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Blue and Blue, Blue and Purple, and Red, White and Blue

Hi everyone, 
I am at home this morning with my Dear D, who has a bad cold.  I have not been feeling great myself this week, so its probably a good idea to have a quiet morning.  I'll be back at work this afternoon and Dear H will be on "duty".  

Here is a quick update on what I have been wearing over the last few days: Mothers Day was lovely and sunny so in the early afternoon we went for a walk along the esplanade.

Osti polyester dress, Milton Salvation Army
boots, cardigan and bag all thrifted
Due to it being almost dark by the time I get home from work I have not been able to take many photos of work outfits.  One night though I did manage to get a few indoor shots.  Here is one of my favourites - I love the shades of blue and purple in this dress:
Osti Polyester dress, St Vincent de Paul
Bangles all thrifted
Boots and jacket retail
I know it was nearly a week ago, but I wore something a bit different on Friday of last week.  I found the white textured trevira skirt at Toffs (yes, on the $2 rack), I can tell its quite old not just by the material, but also the way the skirt is made and the zip and hook fastener.  

White trevira skirt, Toffs
Red tee shirt and blue belt, Hospice Shop
Grey cardigan and bangles thrifted
tights and shoes retail
So there you go a red white and blue combo which certainly felt bold and bright.  I think I need to find a good spot to take photos while I am at work during the day, as I am in too much of a rush when I get home in the early evening and the light both inside and out, is not very good for photos.  

I'm off to make lunch now, hope you are all having a great week!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

All for the love of polyester and some velvet as well

Dear Readers, hope you are all having a good week.  Hello to my new followers and thanks to those who have friended me on Facebook.  I have three outfits to show you today.  

First up today Thursday: I want to show you a home-made polyester dress.  The floral pattern is in some unusual colours - some brown and also some grey and peach.  Its a pull-over-your-head kind of dress with a reasonably wide neckline and massive pointed collar.  

Home-made polyester dress, Hospice Shop
Belt and cardigan both thrifted - Recycle Boutique I think
Bone vintage necklace, Trademe
Flower bling brooch, gift
Selection of plastic bangles, some old some new, all 2nd hand for less than $2 each!
 I think this outfit works well - the grey cardigan links in with the grey in the pattern and I thought a brown belt and tights would be neutral but essential accessories.  

Wednesday I bit the bullet and wore a dress which I have not worn to work before.  I was expecting a couple of comments about the massive collar and the pussy bow, but either my colleagues were blind or mute, or both.  

Vintage refashioned Eastex Dress, $2 Toffs worn with thrifted cardigan and leather jacket

This Eastex dress started life as a maxi dress (right) and armed with scissors I cut it down to a knee length and also cut off the tight cuffs from the too short sleeves.  

My last outfit is from yesterday, Wednesday.  It was not quite as successful as the two dresses because it was not so comfortable.  The vintage velvet skirt called out to me from the $2 rack at Toffs and the moment I touched the fabric I knew I wanted it.  

Vintage refashioned velvet skirt, Toffs
Thrifted ruffled shirt, Savemart
Patent brogues, $2 Toffs
Leather jacket from Sally Army
Two pairs of tights, scarf and belt all retail

A couple of weekends back I set about making a proper darted waist and a zip rather than the original pull-over-your-hips for a very wide lady skirt.  While I was cursing the sewing machine and my inexperience with velvet I noticed that it was probably not a skirt in its original form - the slightly crooked waist and different sewing threads pointed to a dress that had been cut down.  I imagine it was  utterly beautiful.  The photo top right is a very real indication of the colours.  The reason the outfit was not so comfi is because even though I put in front and back darts, and a side zip it is still a little bit too big and therefore when I turned and moved it tended to slip around a bit.  

Tomorrow is Friday, thank goodness. This weekend I am planning to go and look at Kitchens - yes, the new house plans are progressing (at a rate slightly faster than the progress of a glacier).  Also, time permitting, I would like to take the Husky for a run, I mean for a bit a sew, to see how much improved it is after its overhaul.  I have two skirts needing new waistbands, including the black embroidered ethnic skirt from my earlier post.  

Bye for now, 

Monday, May 6, 2013

On Monday I wore two outfits and bought two dresses

Hi Everyone!  A rare Monday post from me tonight, as I have a few outfits to show you.

First up today: the red dress and denim waistcoat ensemble below top right..  My first outfit felt okay but when I saw the photos I knew it was destined for the bag which resides in the bottom of the wardrobe (ie to be sold online or at a fair).   The dress is an Osti from Toffs, but it's not the traditional shirt style which I love.  It's too big for me and I know from wearing it previously a belt makes it look like a sack tied in the middle.  

Denim skirt Toffs, Polyester shirt St V de P (Oamaru)
Red Osti dress Toffs, Denim waistcoat retail
tights and boots retail
Cute black and white cat - comfortable in her own fur coat
My second outfit was not much better in terms of style (it was denim overload - waistcoat, skirt and boots) but it was warm!   For some reason the photo is fuzzy and I have to accept both the waistcoat and the skirt are really a tiny tiny bit too small for me (and I am wearing a singlet underneath which adds a bit of bulk).  After seeing the photos, the waistcoat was ditched in favour of a very old men's cardigan in dark brown.  

Now for a mashup of Frock up on Friday and Saturday.  Friday I wore pink - Osti shirtdress and boots both thrifted.  Saturday I wore the purple gingham check polyester house coat (collar visible under my sock bun below) but it was too cold for any decent photos.  
Pink Osti dress Toffs, $2 worn with leggings and pink boots from Savemart
Black leather jacket from Salvation Army
Scarf and belt retail.
Purple gingham check polyester house coat with zip front, St V de P
Thrifted petticoat just visible hanging below the hem.  
Today was my last day of my holiday (from work) and I had the house to myself to do some hand sewing and reading.   I popped into town to collect my Husky sewing machine as it has been serviced.  It seemed criminal to not go to the big Salvation Army Store and Toffs.  There were some hideous / fabulous ornaments at the Sally Army and I took photos on my phone - I am saving those for a future post.  The $2 dress rack at Toffs has been almost empty the last few times I have visited but today it was practically bowing to the ground - tried on four dresses and bought two, both fabulous homemade polyester maxi frocks (from the 1970s perhaps) and a perfectly functional blue and white pinstripe shirt.  

I am not wild about either of the outfits I wore today but never mind - I dressed for comfort and warmth.  I confess that in the past I have tended not to post when I wear outfits I don't like and/or photos of outfits I don't like! 

Hope your week has got off to a good start!

PS I am linking in with Patti for Visible Monday.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A mixed bag and a genuine Mount Cook Line Cabin Bag

I am having some much needed time away from work this week - coinciding with the second week of the school holidays.  I have been experimenting with my hair....below, top left you can see my first ever effort at a proper bun!! Using one of Dear H's recently deceased clean black socks I made a sock bun.  Also I have been doing lots of reading...not the collection of Tennyson editions top right, but Cross stitch and Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon.    

 I have been amused by the antics of my big black cat - seen skulking in the pic bottom right - it took three attempts to get him in the cat carrier to go to the vets to get his claws clipped.  I bought this broken but lovely small planter at the Hospice Shop in Jetty Street in the weekend for $1.  It sits on the window sill above the sink.  The horse looks like it is smiling and every time I do the dishes I smile too.   

Yesterday after some shopping and lunch with Dear D, I had to go to work for a couple of hours - my minute taking skills are apparently so good that no-one else can do this mundane task.  She went to Iron Man 3 with her bestie and her Dad.  Anyway, I cheered myself by wearing a great combination of orange and teal:

Orange frill skirt Toffs $2
Orange cotton top Hospice $2
Glengyle cardigan Toffs $2
Belt and boots thrifted
Leggings and necklace retail
Mount Cook Line Cabin bag Toffs $2

As it happens I found a pristine travel cabin bag from Mount Cook Line which coordinates with this outfit perfectly.  It was $2 at Toffs.  

Today my Dear D went to a sport activity this afternoon so I managed a quick look around Toffs again, before heading to South Dunedin.  I found an amazing hand embroidered Indian skirt....but I spent so long in Toffs that I got a parking ticket :-(  

South Dunedin was dreary....wet and cold....but I needed to post a small parcel so took advantage of a 120 minute free car park (ensuring I would not get another ticket).  I called in to the Salvation Army store and was not inspired.  However, in the St Vincent de Paul shop I spied a purple gingham zip up house coat!! 

Polyester Gingham housecoat $4, St v de Pa
Indian hand embroidered skirt, $2 Toffs
Tomorrow I hope to take my trusty Husky in for a servicing, and the car needs a warrant of fitness.  Dear D is watching Snow White and Huntsman for the millionth time and a pot of pumpkin soup is bubbling on the stove.  Hope you are all having a great week!