Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The end of the Golden Weather

Hello Everyone, hope you all had a lovely Easter!  The weather here was just lovely and I was able to do some gardening - potted up a whole lot of little itty bitty baby lavender plants, some reading - two novels, some baking - sticky date and orange cake, carrot cake and ginger nuts.  All in all it felt a nice mixture of productive and relaxing.  

This is what I wore on Tuesday when I thought I had a lunch date with some friends (I got the date and time wrong duh!) But you can see I made a real effort..... 

Blue and white polka dot dress, St V de P
Orange and pink beads, Hospice Shop on Jetty St $6
Pink bangles, Hospice Shop in Mosgiel
Beautiful pink dove brooch, Two Squirrels stall at Lawrence Fair
Pink Melissa shoes and pink jelly watch, retail

Today marked the end of the golden weather for me, I had to wear tights.  The wind was just so cold whistling around my legs yesterday I was in such a hurry to get some warm clothes on I forgot to take a photo.  So, today I was prepared: 

1980s polyester dress $2 Toffs
pink skinny belt, retail
Denim jacket, retail
purple tights, KMART
Pink Melissa shoes and pink jelly watch retail
My legs were warm all day and the bat wing sleeves on the dress ensured a fair amount of ventilation when I was feeling too warm.  

Hope you all have a great Friday.  


  1. Love love love that birdie brooch! I saw one in red the other day at an antique store, but I decided not to get it based on the price. So pretty in polkadots. You must have quite the collection of Melissa shoes! I'm a bit jealous that you're in tights already....I can't wait till it cools down enough for me to pull out the tights & crimplene! Xx

  2. Loving the pink accents with the polka dots and those lovely purple tights.
    Your weekend sounded fab despite the mix-up with the date! x

  3. Love the pink and purple combination! And hurrah for the cute brooch from darling Vanessa. Can't beat polka dots and florals on a frock! xxxx

  4. I'm a fan of that second outfit. Super cute!

  5. Droopy and Browns was a small English women's clothing label started in the 1970s by Angela Holmes. Her first shop was in York, but later there were branches elsewhere, including London and Edinburgh. She died young, only 50, in 2000, I think, after which the business folded. The name came from her desire to design Victorian-style dresses in the early 70s which were all "droopy and brown", and the name stuck! You don't see her clothes all that often, at least I haven't, because there weren't that many shops and her designs were never sold anywhere else.
    There you go - a potted history of Droopy and Browns!
    Thanks for your kind comment on my blog, my dear. xxxx

  6. Both dresses look awesome on you and something I would want to "borrow."

  7. Oh sweets these have to be the best outfits since the last time I said so!!! Hehee! Your shoes are glorious and they stand out beautifully with the glorious tights! I love your jelly watch and all your jewellery is divooooooooon. I'm waiting very patiently for tights weather! xoxo

  8. You look great! With spring weather you are very smart with polka dots and when it gets cold .. you are great with colored tights ... you are my hero!

  9. oh i´m dying to see your dress with playing cards darling! i felt so much in love with this print when i saw it that i knew i had to make a dress with it;)
    wow you are really blessed with the weather there, here in austria it is still cold, last week it even snowed :(
    and i love both of your outfits, never can´t get enough of polka dots;) and how you styled the second dress with purple tights and pink shoes this is perfection!
    love and kiss,mary


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