Wednesday, April 24, 2013

ANZAC Day and autumn splendour

 Today, is a national holiday - ANZAC day.  It has been grey, cloudy, wet and cold all week.  Taking decent photos has been out of the question.  Today I am wearing Gap jeans from Toffs $2, leather jacket from the Salvation Army, hat and mittens gifts, scarf and Levis red suede boots, retail.  

We went to the Botanic Gardens for a walk and to enjoy being outside in the fresh autumn air.   

Spectacular protea flowers in the South African Garden and Banksia flower stalks really caught my eye.  Top left is a tui, NZ native bird which has a lovely song.  The plant in the centre is Dianella nigra - New Zealand blue berry, which has the most fantastic blue berries I have ever seen.


  1. How lovely to get a day off in the week. The blooms are gorgeous, so exotic compared to ours! x

  2. The flowers look great, and you really suit those jeans and leather jacket! xxx

  3. You're in Dunedin!!!! I'm from Dunedin (well actually Rotorua, but I call Dunedin home, I lived there for 6 years before moving to Sydney 3 years ago). Typical Dunners weather then :) We are having beautiful weather in Sydney at the moment. Just the right temperature and it's been all sun for the past few weeks! Looks like you had a great ANZAC day, and the gardens are looking beautiful!


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