Saturday, April 20, 2013

A post including two Saturdays

Hello, remember I mentioned a protest march I was going to last weekend? Well it dawned a beautiful calm sunny day with blue skies and a temperature high enough to have bare arms.  I wore my Paul Klee top (which started life as a maxi dress and has been reincarnated as a top and a skirt).  Not visible in the photo are the jeans and boots which were thrifted too.  

On Sunday I went to Savemart and found quite possibly the world's most amazing pair of boots.  They are exactly my size, leather and barely worn.  Okay, so they are a funny shade of pink and the embroidery is a little garish, but I loved them.  At only $7 I would be mad not to love them.  When I got home I made carrot soup and waffles.  

Home-made skirt, St v de P
Tee shirt, Hospice Shop
Belt, Presbyterian Support Shop

Some how the blogging vibe deserted me all week, but as the photo below shows, Monday was not a bad day -  it was nice weather so I could have bare legs.  I wore one of my magic skirts (made from old saris), grey thrifted tee shirt, pink accessories and a couple of anti war badges on a retail jacket with cropped sleeves.  

Magic reversible sari skirt
Grey tee shirt, Hospice shop
Pink Melissa Shoes
Pink and gold vintage beads, Hospice shop
Bangles all thrifted
Badges/buttons had for years!
Today has been a cold, grey, damp day.  I had to take an indoor photo.  I have done some sewing - the velvet red rose skirt just visible on the Un Finished Objects pile on the back of the couch.  I took the waistband off a vintage skirt I bought during the week and ironed out the gathers so I can make it fit me around my waist not around one leg.  I visited my parents for a chat and a cup of tea, and some carrots (my Dad has an excellent vege garden), came home and made a carrot cake and then lamb steaks and roast kumara for tea.  

Denim Skirt, Toffs $2
Black long sleeve top, Toffs $2
knitted halter top - made by me
fancy Italian tights (with the toe unpicked worn as footless tights) $4, St v de P
Boots, $7 Hospice shop 

Now I feel all content and sleepy - full of good food and warmed by the fire.  How about you?  How was your Saturday??


  1. Oh its funny how the old blogging sways in and out.....I am the same.
    I love the wee pink shoes with that fabulous skirt.
    Hello to your lovely fur-babies too.
    This rose velvet skirt looks like a wee treat...looking forward to seeing it.
    Hope you are having a splendid weekend.
    love V

  2. Yay for a great score on the boots. Savemart seems to be so hit & miss from the times I've visited, & yet I'm always drawn back to it! Lovely outfits, I particularly like the skirt teamed with the blazer. Your dinner sounds delicious. Today was the coolest morning we've had here, it was 24 degrees & that almost felt brisk! We are wishing the days away until our next trip over the Ditch. We booked some flights yesterday. Fingers crossed we get to catch up again. Enjoy what's left of your weekend. Xx

  3. Oh heck there's just so much to love here!!! The Klee top and your new boots - GAH!!!!! Carrot soup and waffles - yes please, yummy in my tummy and I ADORE your sari skirt. In fact, I'm convinced it has magical powers - truly!!! xoxoxox

  4. All this talk of food is making me hungry. The waffles look delicious. I love the embroidery on the boots and what a bargain. That rose print is beautiful. I can't wait to see a pic of the finished skirt.

  5. Soup and waffles, mmm... Love the Paul Klee print and the sari skirt. The boots look lovely, I gues you could always dye them if the colour isn't to your taste.
    Content and sleepy and warm and full sounds a good way to be! xxx

  6. OMG - carrot soup and pink shoes and red rose velvet skirt - there's so much to love!!!

    Sarah xxx


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