Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I can't think of a title, but Your Royal Highness sounds good to me....

Don't worry about the title - I find it hard to think of things.  On Saturday I went to a friend's place for a cooking demonstration using some very expensive cookware, which was for sale.  I did not buy anything but I really enjoyed the company of a good group of friend's, delicious chicken and mushroom risotto and chocolate fudge brownie.  When I got home the weather was so lovely I just had to get an outfit pic taken at the top of the 5th Steepest Street in Dunedin:

Vintage Osti Maxi bought from Trademe
Yes I am lying on the street taking the photo in the bottom left hand corner. 

Oh, just go back in time for a minute to look at Friday.  On Friday I did not wear a dress - I wore trousers.  I cannot recall when I last DID NOT wear a dress or skirt on Friday.  Which is why I did not do a Frock on Friday post - it seemed a bit weird really.  So, this is what I wore:

Leather Jacket - Salvation Army $8
Green nylon St Michael sweater - Toffs $2
White and yellow glass necklace - Salvation Army Mosgiel $1
Elvis belt - made by me
Yellow shoes and yellow bracelet - retail

Monday is not really a good posting day for me.  Back to work blues I guess and the rush when we get home: feeding meowing cats, feeding mewling family, etc etc.  My outfit was the opposite of blue - it was cheery and bright and I wore:

Vintage cotton sundress - ReStore
Orange beads and bracelet - Trademe
Belt, shoes and tights all retail
Cardigan - Hospice Butterflies Shop 

I love this dress - its such a bright happy pattern.  I had to wear a tee shirt under it as it has no sleeves and when I felt too warm to wear the cardigan I did not want bare arms in the office.  Luckily it is a roomy fit.  

Today I did wear blue and I felt very coordinated!

Polyester dress and Glengyle cardigan both from Toffs $2 each
French Jet beads - Trademe
Purple belt - St V de P $3
Tights and shoes - retail
Goldcrest Coat - St V de P

The outfit all came together because of the belt - which I found yesterday at the St V de P for $3.  It is leather and exactly the right colour.  The blue bow brooch was also bought yesterday at the Hospice Shop for $1.  I have to tell you that my beloved cat comes running over to me when I start posing for a photo now, my dear H is usually standing taking the photo and I am looking towards the house, and then my black furry friend comes trotting over to me demanding to be patted.  

Right, I am going to try out a new nail polish now - its blue!!


  1. Such a lovely collection of outfits as always! I especially love the blue frock :D

  2. That Paisley! So much appreciation.
    I also really like that blue coat. All class.

  3. A selection of fabulous outfits, even the non-frock Friday one gets Frocktasia's seal of approval cause of the zingy green sweater and that awesome zesty necklace & bracelet combo and the brilliant handmade Elvis belt. You show that trousers can be just as fabulous as a frock on Friday if you just team them with the right items. I love your cheery blue Monday outfit, the dress & its print is sublime. Todays outfit is equally gorgeous, love that quirky purple belt and your lovely smile :)

  4. Love the shots on the steep hill wearing that fabulous maxi! The orange and red outfit is beautifully bright, and in contrast the blue/lilac look is calm and serene and lovely. So many gorgeous things to wear! xxxx

  5. Love the maxi on the hill! the scenery is stunning! The orange frock is a beauty. Cats, colour and sunshine, what a beautiful post! x

  6. The red shoes in the third outfit are the best!


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