Sunday, April 28, 2013

Shock! Horror! A post on Monday!

Well, its a Monday evening and I am posting - I know, I know its a bit of a shock.  As it happens I have a week's annual leave as of tomorrow so thought I would do a surprise Monday post.

I also want to share a weekend outfit - from Saturday.  We went to town to Market 22 which showcases local artists and crafters.  The market is located in the part of town which used to be warehouses and major businesses and has some wonderful old buildings:

At the Stop the sale of State Assets March and Rally in the Octagon
Market 22 - a very fine collection of items
Warehouse buildings which are being restored
Denim skirt, $2 Toffs
Leather boots, $7 Hospice Shop
Leather belt $2, Hospice Shop
Goodnight Kiwi and Cat tee shirt - thrifted can't remember where
Green bow tights, Hospice Shop
Black necklace, Presbyterian Support

The denim skirt was brand new and unworn and ranks of one of my best buys. The tights were also new and still in the packet - looked like it dated from the 1980s.  Anyway, they were slightly too short for me so I carefully, very very carefully unpicked the stitching at the toe and voila - footless tights.  For all non-kiwis, the Goodnight Kiwi is an institution.  You can see more here:

Today was mild enough to have bare legs again, but I compromised and wore boots as I knew it would be cold by the time I got home.   Had to post a pic of my girl cat aka "Mittens" to show you how cute she is when she is curled up on the duvet.  Her paw is much better now as she is getting her 1/8th antibiotic tablet squished into some tuna twice a day!!

Dragon magic skirt, Trademe
White Breast Cancer fundraiser tee shirt with chopped neckline, 50 cents
Badge from Port Chalmers
Mood ring from a random market at Warrington
Green sparkley ring from Hospice Shop
Beige boots from ReStore
Belt from Recycle Boutique
Jacket and hair bow retail
This week I am spending some fun time with my daughter - we have various chores to do including warrant of fitness for car and take other cat to vet to get claws trimmed, but we are planning some serious op shopping and I have agreed to a visit to the Scooter pro shop.  Hope you are all having a great week.

PS I am going to try to link up to Patti's Visible Monday!


  1. I hope you have a fun time on your week off :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Goodnight Kiwi Tee Shirt. It's awesome:D

  2. Lovely lovely lovely! I especially adore the magic dragon skirt and the fab green tights!

    Sarah xxx

  3. What a nice surprise! Love the denim skirt - a perfect fit - and those grrovy tights, Mitten is a beauty. Hope the other one isn't too grumpy from his trimming session. Have a wonderful week off. x

  4. I LOVE those green tights. I've been on the look out for some different kind of tights, but it's just more of the same so far over here. And I LOVE your accessories in the second outfit...bird badge & green rings. Right up my alley! I hope you enjoy your time off work & make the most of those op shopping opportunities! Xx

  5. Wonderful tights you found - and I am going to borrow your trick! Great dragon skirt too, and what a sweet kitty on the couch. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

  6. Wow! That skirt is fab-u-lous! Love it!

  7. The denim skirt was a great find, and I love the tights. Fab print on the dragon skirt, and I am oohing at the cuteness of Mittens! Have a great week off. xxxx

  8. it's the Octagon!! Yay, I love seeing snippets of Dunedin through your blog :) I love your dragon skirt!

  9. Hello, Penny-Rose! Love everything ... your certainly know how to style your own look, and in brilliant ways. Particularly the enviable dragon skirt! So nice to meet you!

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    Your monday post its quite interesting.. your skirt is really nice especially the dragon print goes so well and of course tights.


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