Thursday, April 11, 2013

Frock on Friday - Dunedin Style

Hi Everyone, hope you have had a good week.  I can't believe it is Friday again!!

In Dunedin, black is always in style.  Here is my take on it for Frock on Friday: 

Black Boucle Skirt - Presbyterian Support Shop $1
Black and silver Lurex shirt - Presbyterian Support Shop $5
purple Vintage Tekau Knitwear Acrylic Vest - Trademe
Black Furry Shoes - St V de P
Bambi necklace, black belt and  purple tights - retail

Earlier this week I wore two new combinations - I was really really happy with the orange skirt combo.  The colour is more orangey in real life and there is a splash of teal blue which is almost exactly as the cardigan.  

My much loved Paul Klee skirt was worn again with "in your face" yellow tights which were a bargain for only $2.50 at a main street fashion store.  I was not happy with the photos but I think you get the general idea.  

Left: Frill skirt and Glengyle cardigan both from  Toffs $2, Vivienne Westwood tee shirt retail,
Belt, Boots and tights all retail.
top Right: Paul Klee skirt - cut down from a maxi dress, Presbyterian Support,
grey tee shirt, Hospice Shop, Lurex vintage cardigan Trademe
Patent leather brogues Toffs $2

This week has been so busy at work - its been a full week without much appreciated public holidays - so I am really really glad it is the weekend.  Tomorrow we are going to a protest march in support of the teachers and education.  I also want to finish fixing up the velvet skirt I scored at Toffs a couple of weeks ago.  Hope you all have a great Friday night!  


  1. Oh! I love how more and more colorful your outfits become.Thse skirts of yours are darlings and the yellow tights oh!so daring to wear.What's going on in the world today ?We better keep protesting...hello this is Greece calling,we talk about a major f...up for my country.

  2. I love all your outfits so colorful ... definitely not my color black .. in my country there are many protests, I hope things improve soon, because people are tired of so much trouble ..

  3. Love the gypsy feel of that orange skirt with the patterned tights and blue boots, and ahhhh, cute Bambi necklace! xxxx

  4. Great outfits. One thing I always notice when we visit New Zealand is how much black & grey is in the shops & on the streets. I love how you've added some interest to a black outfit, & I really love the orange & teal combo. I seem to be wearing that a lot lately too. I hope you enjoy the weekend, protest & all! Xx

  5. Love the pop of pink in your first outfit and the blue nails and the lime tights are cool! xxx

  6. I love the necklace in the first picture - adorbs! I always love your outfit posts xoxo

  7. Your skirt collection is amazing!!! I am feeling pangs of jealousy ;)


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