Wednesday, August 27, 2014

emerging from the winter

Hi, I am emerging from the winter hibernation and back in the world of blogging. 

Outfit photos have been few and far between but here's one of a black and white and yellow outfit:

 The dress was bought at the Hospice shop for a few dollars, the white and yellow glass necklace and the yellow bangles are op-shopped too.  
Today's op shop finds at the Presbyterian Support Shop in St Andrew Street.  Barclay knitwear nylon bat wing sleeve cardigan which predates 1967 and a Tekau pure wool long sleeve cardigan in just the right shade of oatmeal to go with a number of my dresses.  Both were priced at a $1.

A few weekends ago, my family and I went on an urban train trip - a special service by the Taieri Gorge Railway:
I wore a extra warm op-shopped dress and woollen cardigan with my bow boots and tights, coat, hat and fake fur.  It was beeping freezing and rained almost the whole time.  Despite the weather it was fun to be on a train and see the city from a different angle. 

Another find today, this amazing hand embroidered top.  

The sleeves are tiny - for a ten year old - but the body is extra large.  Initially I thought it was something like an artists smock.  I am going to remove the sleeves and convert it to a skirt.  Again, it was $1. 

The same day as the train trip we also went to the Vintage Round Up Market.  To my delight the lovely Two Squirrels were just inside the entrance.  I fell in love with the donkey and brought him home.  I named him Clarence after the mule in the Outlander Books.  My very observant 12yo daughter found a custom pair of Chucks for $35.  Original retail over $150.  Forgoing pocket money for several weeks she took them home. 
 The greeting card boxes are made by a Dunedin lady.  I think she is very clever and patient and I asked her if she would consider teaching me how to do it.  She suggested Google as she does not have time.  I appreciate she is busy but think it would be more fun to learn side by side with someone.  

Final purchase of the day, also for $1 is an amazing hand made red slip.  Neither photo does it justice.  Its a tiny bit big for me under the arms and I will try and modify it. 
Lastly, and by no means least, the lovely and very special Vintage Bird Girl came to town last week with the Captain.  It was a delight to catch up with them both, if only work committments had allowed me more time to sit and chat.  VBG bought me a fabulous parcel of goodies which I will share with you eventually.  In the meanwhile the brooch, bottom left is from her, and means a lot to me and I have worn it regularly - I thought it looked really nice against a brown polyester dress and apricot fluffy cardy.  Every time I look at it I smile and think of VBG :-)

Computer is melting my lap as processor struggles to deal with internet and other things.  I will upgrade my laptop soon.  Well, eventually.  I just realised I have 100 followers and want to say a big thank you to you all for supporting me in my blogging endeavours.  

Bye Penny-Rose