Thursday, March 28, 2013

Frock on Friday - Maximum Dunedin Style

Hello Everyone, hope you are all having a lovely Easter Friday.  It is hot and sunny here - the day started all misty and foggy and mysterious, and now the cloud has cleared and its blue sky and hot sun.  

I thought I would do something a little different for FOF today as it is a public holiday and I am not at work.  I have been slopping around the house in old cargo pants and a faded bambi tee shirt, but then I felt inspired to show you something different: three dresses you have not seen before:

Top left: yellow and orange vintage cotton sundress (ReStore $7) with white thrifted leather belt
(Butterflies Hospice Shop) 
Top right: Debra Fashions of Melbourne lurex purple graphic maxi (TradeMe $7) with green Melissa shoes (TradeMe) and green accessories
Bottom right: House of Raymonde, Made in NZ, (new Hospice Shop on Jetty Street $8) with Melissa Ocean shoes (retail)
Bottom left: Vintage Eastex, Made in New Zealand polyester maxi dress with bow tie (Toffs $2)
with orange Melissa sandals (TradeMe)

Its stifling hot now so I am wearing the orange paisley sundress - having quickly adjusted the zip at the top back.  Sadly my trusty Husky sewing machine is not 100% and I suspect he needs a thorough service.  The bottom thread tension only works when the dial is at 10. Not a good sign.

This week Monday was a public holiday but I went to work while Dear H and Darling D stayed home.  I wore blue and gold (top right) as the Otago provincial colours are blue (for the sea) and gold (well, for gold really).

Top right: vintage shirt dress (TradeMe) with gold belt and gold shoes
Bottom right and left: 1980s, sleeveless Princess Diana type polyester dress with button detailing and pleated front (Toffs $2) with black necklace and belt and blue cardigan (St V de P)

Tuesday was great - I met up with the funny and stylish Ella from Owl in a Lark World.  She wore the most amazing floral top and purple Doc Martins.  We talked about all sorts - literature and university and thrifting and blogging - and went on a pilgrimage to Toffs where Ella scored a great green dress.  Then we called into the new Hospice Shop on Jetty Street and I found the orange coloured House of Raymonde dress.  Ella found one of those awesome vintage collanders with a rounded bottom.   It was so good to meet up with a like minded thrifter, and, we are planning on doing it again.

Alas, there is no photographic evidence of Wednesday and Thursday but I hope the photos today show you that Dunedin is a hot bed of op-shopping and thrifting fabulousness.  Off to read a book in the is a public holiday after all!  


  1. It's a multi divoon frock attack!!!
    I do love a good overload of fabularse frockage! the red one and the outrageous brown and orange maxi are rocking my world!
    It's been a scorcher up here! XXX

  2. Ooh, I particularly love the purple graphic maxi! :D So many gorgeous frocks to be had! And yay for a fun blogger meet-up. You look fabulous; so glad I found your blog.

  3. oh so many great dresses, I don't know where to start. Love the orange and brown Maxi with the pussy-bow and then would have to say the red one is a sweetie too.
    Dunedin is wonderful for vintage treasures, do you think more so now???? I don't think the students wear as much great vintage as they once did?? Not sure?
    Anyway a Very happy Easter.
    love V

  4. You sound like you are enjoying yourself and that always makes me happy! All these frocks are so beautiful and priced so good, the brown and orange maxi looks amazing on you! Enjoy Easter!

  5. What a feast of frockage! the orange maxi is making me weak at the knees!
    I'm trying not to be too jealous over your fabulous weather but it's very hard not to when it's -8C! xxx

  6. Oh it sounds like you had an absolute ball with Ella, I'm so envious of your op shopping shenanigans!! Two bucks for that glorious Eastex maxi???? Oh my, I'm booking a ticket to beautiful Dunedin pronto!!!! xoxoxoox

  7. I must say I enjoyed pouring over this post so much. It's a feast of fantastic frocks, and you know I love the op shopping in Dunedin. Sometimes I feel like I've left my heart there, I'm so fond of the place. Paul & I talk about moving over all the time....if only it was practical to do so. My favourite frock is the Eastex maxi. The print & style is just stunning. And I really like the navy & white frock too, seeing as I'm a bit obsessed by navy at the moment. I'm glad you & Ella had fun together, I wish I could have been there too! I hope you're enjoying the Easter weekend. Xx

  8. These are some real beautiful dresses. All vintage, wow. Thanks for posting the photos and feel free to drop by me too when you have time.

  9. Great dresses, I love the orange cotton sundress and of course both maxis are right up my street. It's hard to believe anywhere in the world is having hot weather, whennit's been so ridiculously cold here!
    Hope you've had a great weekend. xxxx

  10. Wow you've picked up some awesome dresses - I really like the sound of that Toffs $2 rack!
    One of my fav funny blogs (owl in a lark world).. I'd love to meet up with Ella!
    Wish there was photog evidence! I believe you about dunedin being good for opping - have scored some primo items down there in the past! (I have an aunty and uncle who lived there for years and years - they've just gone a bit rural.. worked at the uni actually - is that where you are?)

    Have a great weekend!


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