Saturday, March 9, 2013

I walked and I talked, I frocked around and I remembered.

Me and my best friend Lisa wearing our spectacular bras made from
fabric flowers, marshmallow hearts, jelly babies, tinsel and feathers.
Bottom left, the awesome team tent.
I am a wordy person.  When I have strong feelings about something I respond with lots and lots of words.  But, there are other times when I am quiet, because the words are filling up my heart and soul.  

During the Relay for Life I walked and I talked, I frocked around (I even did some op-shopping) and I laughed, 
I smiled, I was also silent and thoughtful, almost praying at times  and I remembered family I have loved who 
were taken from us by cancer.


  1. Beautiful post - nothing more needs to be said. I've lost one of my dear friends to breast cancer so I understand totally.

  2. Awesome bra - great for extra support during this excellent event. Way to go, everyone!

  3. I love that you walked, talked, remembered and op-shopped. A perfect way to celebrate the many lives that have been effected by this terrible disease.
    The bra is spectacular.
    love V


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