Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hi Everyone and a big welcome to my new followers and readers. Thanks for all your lovely comments about my pink polyester dress worn on Friday.   

Firstly, I want to show you what I did in the weekend - I went with Dear H and Dear D to the lovely town of Lawrence for the St Patrick's Day Parade and market and met the delightful Vanessa and Warren from Two Squirrels.  YAY!!

Left: Vintage home-made blue and green rose dress from 1950s, found at a garage sale in Sawyers Bay.
Worn with vintage du Barry shoes, Presbyterian Support Shop, $1
Green satin sash from a dress bought at Recycle Boutique
Vintage bangles and necklace

I was so happy to finally meet Vanessa and Warren, having been a fan of their lovely blog for ages, and they were both every bit as kind and friendly as they seem on their blog.  Their stall was gorgeous and yes I did buy a couple of things which I will share another time.  

The much needed rain held off long enough so we could all enjoy watching the parade of bicycles, vintage cars and tractors and meander up and down the main street looking at the various stalls. I bought some Ginger Marmalade and Cherry Preserve.  My family enjoyed ice creams and candy floss and looking at stalls with books.  

Lawrence is a small town which rose in importance and size during the gold rush of the 1860's when gold was discovered at Gabriel's Gully nearby.  There are lots of heritage buildings and although it was very overcast and not the best light for taking photos, here is a small collage to show you:

Bottom left Methodist Church Book Sale - old organ used as a book display,
right, old wooden building now in private ownership and sadly neglected
Right top: old building painted in great purple colours, bottom, Fantail bird
made from scrap iron

Do you remember those vintage cotton frocks I found at ReStore?  My original post is Here.  Well, over the last few weeks, when time permits I have been sitting with my trusty Husqy and refashioning one of them.  As the dress has princess seams on the front and the back, and some of the sewing was crooked and seams puckered I decided to take the whole dress apart, I can tell you, my stitch ripper has never done so much work!

Here is it on the first wearing on Tuesday: 
Vintage cotton dress - refashioned by me, found at ReStore for $7
worn with grey cardigan from Recycle Boutique
White glass beads, Trademe
Belt and shoes both retail
For my sewing/refashioning followers I can report that overall I am quite happy with the fit - the original dress was probably for a modern size 18 - so I did have to make quite a few adjustments. Luckily when I put a seam down the front the fitting across the bust improved dramatically.  Also to assist with the sizing I put a zip in the back - previously it was a "pull-over-your-head-dress".  However,  I have not got the fit right so the top 10 cms of the neckline and zip sticks out across the shoulders.  Thats why I am wearing a cardigan to keep the top of the back flat.  As it does not have sleeves I have made it so I can get a long sleeved top underneath which will mean that the dress can be worn in winter as well.  I think it will be a good match with tights and boots.  However, for the time being the dress is now on the fixer upper pile on the back of the couch!

So, how about you, have you got an item of clothing you have been determined to wear, even if its not the best fit?  Do you use a cardigan to conceal a neckline, or a belt to pull in a baggy waist?  


  1. How lovely to meet those divine squirrels, I can't wait to see what you bought.
    Your dress looks gorgeous, the print is so pretty and I did enjoy a tour of Lawrence! x

  2. I have loads of garments that don't fit me perfectly but look fab when cinched in at the waist with a belt or sash or covered up with a small jumper or cardigan. I'm pretty rubbish at altering frocks it has to be said, unless it's something easy like chopping a few inches off the length and re-hemming. Zips are a complete nightmare for me, I just can't seem to get them perfectly flat. I adore your refashioned frock the print & colour is lovely, you look fab!

  3. How wonderful to spend time with those Two Squirrels!
    Your dress redo came out fantastically. I love the fabric - it was worth the effort. I just finished a playsuit that was too large with no shape. Kisses for an overworked seam ripper!

  4. How cool that you got to meet those two I imagine they would be super sweet in real life! Your reworked dress is really pretty the yellow looks really good on you! What is candy floss?

  5. I wish I could meet the bloggers I follow. Lucky you!

  6. Oh my goodness how did I manage to miss this post? You look divine in both frocks. I love the first outfit. And Im rather partial to a cotton shift dress too. You are so clever to do your own alterations. So many of my frocks are at least a size or even 3 too big. I find the old belt & cardi or vest or jacket seems to make it work. Your day trip to Lawrence looks perect! And what a treat to meet the Squirrels. I love the photo of the 3 of you. Paul & I are hoping to see them on our next trip. We've been through Lawrence twice now & just love it. Thanks for sharing such a delightful post! Xx

  7. Forgot to say I am drooling over that green car in the background too...perfection! Xx

    (Just had to get that out of the way. Sorry)
    Lawrence is the best wee town. Always stop there on way back to Uni. It also would have been nice to meet Two Squirrels. Maybe we should have a Dunedin blogger meet up?

  9. Oh sweet I am sorry to be commenting so late, I have been out of blogland!!!
    It was so great to meet you and the photograph of us together is great.
    best wishes and happiness always
    love V

  10. That dress is excellent! Suite you so well. Well done on the refashioning!
    Great to meet Vanessa - I love Lawrence, It's a cute little part of the world.
    Have a great week.

  11. Oh good god, that blue and green rose dress is divine! If you ever clear out your wardrobe and decide to move it along, please please let me be the first in line!

  12. What a neat blog, I stumbled across it from OpSHopMama. :)
    I grew up in Dunedin and Lawrence, what a blast to see pics here!!
    Have followed your blog and looking forward to seeing more of your gorgeous dresses!
    Dunedin is one of my favourite places to go opshopping!


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